9 Texts to Send in May
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9 Texts to Send in May

Ren Reed
April 5, 2024
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We wrestled with a few alternate openers to this blog, but some things are inevitable:

It's gonna be May.

May means we're entering one of the better seasonal stretches for ecommerce. The sun is peaking through the clouds more regularly, flowers are blooming in time to be plucked for Mother's Day bouquets, and Memorial Day arrives as relief for brands itching to throw a big sale.

But there are plenty of great reasons to text your list this month that aren't major holidays. Here are a few of them:

May 1: Beginning of Mental Health Awareness Month

It may feel out of place or bold to broach the topic of mental health with your SMS subscribers, but stigmas around discussing it continue to fade—and you can contribute to that trend by sending a positive text to your list. Share some simple methods for improving mood or productivity, remind your customers that they are wonderful just as they are, or encourage them to check in on a friend.

Here's how a few Postscript brands worked the topic into their messaging last year:

Mental Health Organika


Mental Heatlh Meaningful Mood

A Meaningful Mood

May 4 - Star Wars Day

Not sure if your ICP includes Star Wars fandom? Send out an SMS poll to find out who believes the prequels are better than the sequels. Even a simple Star Wars pun makes for a great May check-in. Remember, not every text has to have a discount code or shopping link—you can simply wish your subscribers a Happy May 4th!

SW Hart Candles

Hart Candles (Design Co.)

SW Hot Heastalls

Hot Headstalls

SW Spa Wars

Spa Wars

May 5 - Cinco de Mayo

Feliz Cinco de Mayo! May fifth celebrates the Mexican victory over the French in the Battle of Puebla in 1862—but it has managed to become big party day in the US. So if it suits your brand, share a bit of the holiday's history in your campaign! And by all means, shake up a marg and order chips and guac for the table while you're at it.

CINCO Beast&Buckle

Beast & Buckle

CINCO Jesses Jewelz

Jesses Jewelz

CINCO Lonely Hearts Club

Lonely Hearts Club

May 7 - Teacher's Day

We watched brands ship some generous and creative campaigns for Teacher's Day last year. From prompting subscribers to shop for the teachers in their life, to setting up exclusive gifts and free products for teachers, themselves, brands used SMS to show their appreciation for educators. Teacher's Day (and Teacher Appreciation Week) is a great chance to support a continually undervalued group of heroes. Here's a few examples that inspired us:

Teachers Fuzzy Loon Designs

Fuzzy Loon Designs

Teachers Shelbycake

Shelby Cake

MOTHER Riffraff


Teachers Mythologie

Mythologie Candles

May 10 - National Small Business Day

The small businesses using Postscript generate so much SMS creativity and innovation that most of the texts you see here were crafted by them. We love how powerful SMS can be for keeping customers plugged in and loyal to the small businesses they subscribe to. Take a moment to thank your list for their continued support and share your brand's story!

SB Luxe Chic Boutique

Luxe Chic Boutique

SMALL BIZ Mammoth Headwear

Mammoth Headwear

SB Dapple Dog Designs

Dapple Dog Designs

SMALL BIZ BulletproofPet

Bulletproof Pet Products

May 12 - Mother's Day

Here's a holiday that your brand should be proactive about. Schedule a series of sends at least two weeks out from Mother's Day to get the gears turning in customers' heads and to account for shipping times.

And while you're scheduling early messages, consider sending an opt-out campaign to subscribers who may not want Mother's Day marketing. It's a thoughtful way to respect people who are grieving or have struggled with a parent relationship.

MOTHER Bumblebee Linens

Bumblebee Linens

MOTHER Gris Petalo

Gris Petalo

MOTHER Duck Camp

Duck Camp

MOTHER Death Wish Coffee

Death Wish Coffee

May 17 - Bike to Work Day

If weather, commute distance, and endurance permit, encourage your list to pull their bikes out of their garages and give em' a spin. Even if the destination isn't the office, nothing elevates somebody's mood like a sunny bike ride! A bike day text can also be used to collect some UGC. Ask for photos of subscribers' two-wheeled whips—you may get some funky ones to feature on socials or in a follow-up campaign.

May 25 - National Wine Day

Unless you carry wine-related products, National Wine Day is a good chance to use SMS as a content channel and share a good read with your list. Have an interesting blog, case study, or piece of research you've been wanting to distribute? Invite your subscribers to sit back, uncork a bottle of vino, and read through! Or throw a sale, of course.

WINE A Scent Story

A Scent Story

WINE:Memorial ByEgreis

By Egreis

May 27 - Memorial Day

The strange collision of honoring fallen heroes and promoting BOGO sales puzzles many a marketer on Memorial Day. Nonetheless, the holiday has become a sales-day staple for most brands.

Be sure to use severance and respect in your messaging as the country remembers those who sacrificed their lives defending others. And with so many promotions and deals being heaped on consumers, get creative with your send times and spacing—it might help you rise above the noise.



MEMORIAL Baltic Essentials

Baltic Essentials



May the force be with you as you build out your May campaigns! We hope they blossom with many returns. As always, if you're interested in more inspiration, be sure to download our SMS Marketing Calendar. It's the best tool for planning all of your SMS sends—and it's free as can be.

Happy Texting!

Ren Reed
Ren Reed
Content Marketing Specialist
Ren is a part of the content team at Postscript. He considers himself a writer and a filmmaker, but his trophy case remains void of Oscars. Until a golden statue takes up residence there, he'll continue creating for the fun of it!