Deliver great service

SMS marketing is the future of customer service. Respond to support questions, send transactional updates, and roll out the red carpet for a personalized customer service experience from end to end.

Deliver great service

Provide support in two-way conversations

Make it easier than ever to answer customer questions and ask for feedback. Two-way conversations over text lead to shorter wait times for responses, a more personalized communication style, and a modern customer service experience for your subscribers.

Manage text conversation using our Responses feature or integrate Postscript with Gorgias, Zendesk, or another help desk platform of your choice.

Build trust by sharing your expertise

Show your customers that your value doesn’t end with your products. Text them helpful resources, tips, or how-tos that will make their lives easier—or simply brighten their day. From skincare regimens and healthy recipes, to parenting and pet care hacks, the opportunities to establish your brand as a trusted expert are endless.

Build trust
Send order and shipping notifications

Send order and shipping notifications

Stay ahead of requests from customers who are wondering when their order will ship. With SMS, they’ll never miss an update. Set up automated shipping notifications using data right from Shopify or from one of our shipping integrations like AfterShip, Wonderment, or a custom option.

Surprise and delight customers

Not every text needs to be a promotion. The unique value of SMS marketing compared to other channels is in how personal it can be. Every once in a while, send a text just to say thanks, check in with customers, or share a positive message. We’ve seen the power that these types of campaigns have in growing customer relationships.

Surprise and delight customers

How Rex Specs delivers customer education and support through SMS

Rex Specs sells performance-driven gear for the active dog, including their best-selling dog goggles that protect against UV rays and other elements.

Erica Aarons, Senior Digital Marketing Manager at Rex Specs, had the goal of using SMS to facilitate customer education.

With that in mind, Erica built an automation flow for the keyword TRAIN. She included the keyword in their SMS welcome series and product packaging. Customers who reply with TRAIN receive a series of 5 texts over 10 days with step-by-step instructions on how to train their dog to use the Rex Specs goggles. She was able to repurpose existing training videos to create the content for the automation.

“Our training automation cuts down on returns, it makes our customers feel supported, and it increases their lifetime value. It creates a great customer experience, which has always been really important to our company,” Erica said.

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Rate of Return for the month of June 2021


Earnings per message 
on their welcome flow


Click-Through Rate on the TRAIN keyword series
Erica Aarons

Erica Aarons, Senior Digital Marketing Manager

Rex Specs

"Postscript has helped us elevate our customer experience. We don’t just use SMS to send campaigns and make sales, but also to educate customers about training and educate people who haven’t converted about why their dog needs our product."


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