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Postscript helps you turn SMS into a completely new revenue channel—all while providing your customers an awesome buying experience.

Make more sales messages

Deliver first-time purchase discounts instantly

Mobile ecommerce now makes up nearly 75% of all ecommerce sales (according to Statista). Send a welcome message with a discount code seconds after someone subscribes to your texts. When you meet shoppers where they are in real time, you have a much better chance of converting them into actual customers.

Convert high-intent shoppers

Use Cart Abandonment and Browse Abandonment automations to reach shoppers while they’re still in the buying mindset. Provide timely offers tailored to products they’ve recently viewed or added to their cart, incentivizing them to complete their purchase ASAP.

convert high intent shoppers

Personalize promotions at scale

Create filter-based segments of subscribers so you can send them messages they actually want to receive—from back-in-stock alerts on products they’ve waiting for to flash sales on items related to a keyword they’ve engaged with.

Crush your product launch and sales targets

The almost-instantaneous open rates of SMS make it the perfect channel to announce your latest product launch or flash sale.

Limited edition collection? Send a text to your most loyal customers first and give them exclusive early access.

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See real results from brands using SMS

The data doesn’t lie: ecommerce brands are seeing amazing results using Postscript and SMS marketing. We aggregated data from thousands of ecommerce stores using SMS and published the findings in our yearly SMS Benchmarks Report. Here’s what we found:

  • Click Through Rate: 14.8% average click through rate across all industries. Boost engagement with open rates and click through rates that make other marketing channels jealous.

  • Conversion Rate: 9.1% average conversion rate on Abandoned Cart automations across all industries. Convert high-intent shoppers and recover lost revenue.

  • Earnings Per Message: $8.11 EPM on Abandoned Cart automations across all industries. Unlock SMS as one of your top revenue-driving channels.

    Check out the full Benchmarks Report.


Click through rate average across all campaigns and automations


rate average conversion rate on Abandoned Cart automations


Earnings per message average EPM on Abandoned Cart automations

Taylor Bibaud

Taylor Bibaud

Marketing Manager

J skis

When we launched SMS on J skis last year, we saw an insane amount of return from our text subscribers. We were doing double the amount of dollars on SMS that we were doing on email. So at that point, we knew this was something very powerful.

Ready to make SMS your #1 revenue channel?