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Postscript is building the best-in-class SMS platform for Shopify merchants. No distractions.

Our competitors are building all-in-one marketing solutions where SMS is just one feature. They’re also trying to service multiple ecommerce platforms and additional industries. This lack of speciality results in them being slow to innovate and their platform becoming clunky and difficult to use.

We focus on what we do best—SMS marketing. We are building a best-in-class platform that is deeply integrated in the Shopify ecosystem. It’s no surprise that we’re often the first to bring innovative features to market.

Postscript believes in a different way to do SMS than our competitors.

Conversational two-way messaging IS the way to stand out with customers. But our competitors often preach SMS strategies that just end up annoying them.

Our philosophy on SMS marketing leads to a better experience for your subscribers. They’ll actually enjoy getting a text from you—not get annoyed by it.


Other vendors

Enables you to send highly segmented campaigns.

Push you to send at least 8-12 full-list promotional blasts per month to maximize their profits. This leads to high unsubscribe rates.

Helps you craft a unique SMS strategy and infuse your brand voice in text messages so you can stand out from your competitors.

Teach the same one-size-fits-all SMS playbook for all their customers.

Promotes ways to use SMS for more than just promotions. Our brands use SMS for customer support, retention, and engagement.

Tend to use the same pre-written texts and promotions for multiple customers.

Check out FantasticTexts for Examples

Fantastic Texts

Postscript enables you to deeply segment and personalize your messages.

Postscript has several features that our competitors lack that help you send fewer, more targeted messages:

  • SKU-level segmentation for automations (allowing you to optimize SMS automations based on what a customer has or hasn’t purchased)

  • 65+ event triggers to build automations for cart abandonment, order and shipping notifications, subscription management, and more (some of our competitors give you as few as 6 event triggers)

  • 40 user filters to build an unlimited number of subscriber segments as granularly as you’d like

The result? Lower program costs and a median ROI of 31X across all 10,000+ Postscript brands.

Cody Plofker

Cody Plofker, Co-host of Down to Chat Podcast & Chief Marketing Officer

Jones Road

"The product with Postscript is just hands down the best that I've ever used. I've never experienced such a great experience from a software provider. They really have gone out of their way to make our program oober successful and it's evident that they care about us getting as much value out of our program as possible. In my opinion, you get the best product on the market, you get it at the best price, and you get it with the best service."


Beauty & Cosmetics

Postscript gives you complete control over your account and data.

In ecommerce, you need to move quickly. Postscript gives you the freedom to control every part of your SMS program and account so you can:

  • Download any of your segments and your subscriber list whenever you want. We don’t keep your data hostage like some of our competitors.

  • Honor that 2:00 AM inspiration. Create campaigns, automations, segments on your own. You don’t need to wait 24-72 hours for an account manager to respond to your request.

But freedom to do this on your own doesn’t mean you’re alone. Read below about the support we provide to brands of all sizes.

hearts numbers

Postscript provides the support you need

Brands love working with Postscript. Don’t take it from us—check out the Wall of Love or browse through the 1,800-plus 5-star reviews on the Shopify App store.


1,800+ 5-star reviews on the Shopify App store.

Brock Mammoser

Brock Mammoser, Co-Founder and CEO

Frost Buddy

"Like email, [SMS as a marketing channel] is ultra profitable because once you get that customer on your subscriber list - well, now the cost of reaching them just dropped drastically. I wish I had started SMS right at the beginning, but hey that’s why I'm telling you. I switched to Postscript this year from a competitor, and I use their “do it for you” service called Postscript Plus. The experience has been amazing, and we are up to 90K sms subscribers. In a single sale campaign, SMS can account for up to $20K for us."


Lifestyle & Home

Amanda Schnitzler

Amanda Schnitzler, Growth Manager

Pela Case and Lomi

"We made the switch from another SMS platform to Postscript for Lomi and it was the best decision we made for SMS. While I found that the PS platform itself is more intuitive and easier to navigate, it was Postscript+ that was one of the main reasons we made the switch. The team that we work with is extremely creative when it comes to coming up with ideas for campaigns or automations and they’re very responsive if we happen to have any last-minute campaigns or changes."


Lifestyle & Home

Learn on your own with the help of our many free resources

Postscript pricing gives you flexibility with your content and creative

We want brands to focus on what they're telling subscribers—not how many characters they're typing. That's why we've created a transparent pricing structure with flexible options for sending content-rich messages without being charged for multiple messages.

As you explore pricing for other solutions, be sure to consider:

  • Real-time billing visibility. Can you easily access your running total for each month, or do you have to wait for your bill to see your charges?

  • The true cost per message. Are carrier fees clearly broken out?

  • Support for two-way messaging. Is there a fee for incoming messages?

  • The cost of delivery failure. Do you pay for messages that fail to send?

  • Rollover credits. If you must purchase credits upfront, what happens to those left over at the end of your billing cycle?

  • Character limits. At what point are you charged for an additional message—particularly for MMS? Postscript allows up to 1,600 characters per MMS—with or without emojis. (Learn more here.)

  • Unsubscribe rates. How much will you have to spend to replenish and grow your list if a high percentage of subscribers churn out?

  • Platform segmentation capabilities. Will you waste money sending texts to subscribers who aren't the best fit for a particular message?

Postscript’s pricing structure and platform capabilities are built to drive long-term SMS value for your brand.

flying money
Joel Padron

Joel Padron, COO

Homestead Studio

“The best sales tactic isn’t a sales tactic. It’s building a relationship with people you enjoy working with. My experience with Postscript has been perfect even before we signed up. Postscript has been a game changer for me and the results speak for themselves.”


Agency Partners

Features to look for in your SMS marketing platform

Analytics & reports

Understand exactly how your SMS program is performing over time. With Postscript, you get the following features: Subscriber and revenue reports that can be exported Dashboard analytics for a high-level view of your SMS program Message analytics that allow you to compare the performance of automations, campaigns, and keywords. Subscriber analytics that allow you to see how your opt-in channels are performing and answer questions such as, “Are keyword subscribers more valuable than checkout subscribers?” We also have a data science team that analyzes performance data from the millions of texts we send so we can advise clients on the best SMS strategies.

Excellent SMS deliverability

Having a healthy SMS delivery rate is important to ensure that your campaigns are reaching your intended audience within a reasonable amount of time. • Dedicated Toll Free Numbers with Postscript: • Excellent US/CA deliverability of 97.6% • 89% of messages completing within 5 minutes of campaign send • TFN verification included, which significantly improves deliverability • Dedicated Short Codes with Postscript: • Excellent US/CA deliverability of 99.9% • 99% of messages completed within 1 minute of campaign send


Segmentation helps you send fewer messages that are more personalized to each subscriber. Not only is this better for your budget, but it’s also a much nicer experience for your customers. With Postscript, you can make segments as general or specific as you want (e.g., customers with a total spend less than $100 versus customers with a total spend less than $100 who have purchased your red lipstick and coral lipstick but NOT your berry lipstick). Here is all the data you can use inside Postscript for deep segmentation: • All historical Shopify data (order information, last order date, AOV, customer ID) • Customer city, state, or shipping address • SMS activity (clicked, received, replies, keywords triggered, etc.) • Data from app integrations (ReCharge, Swell, Klaviyo, etc.) • SKU data (what they’ve purchased or not purchased via product names, product tags, and types) • Subscriber information (opt-in source, state area code, country area code, subscriber tags) • A/B testing segments

Is Postscript the best SMS platform for Shopify brands?

We’ll leave it to the ecommerce experts to decide.

Chanelle Leslie

Chanelle Leslie, Director of Growth


"Better than Attentive and Klaviyo. My current top choice as an SMS vendor. Extremely fast customer service."


Beauty & Cosmetics

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