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“A 541% increase in revenue versus email”

“When we switched to Postscript, we saw a 541% increase in revenue
compared to email for new customers” - Zoe Kahn, Co-Host of Oopsie Podcast & Manager of CX at Chomps


One channel for every step of the customer journey


Increase your subscriber list size quickly and compliantly.


Build relationships and educate subscribers along their path to purchase.


Personalize messaging and offers to drive more new and repeat orders.


Deliver awesome experiences that keep subscribers coming back for more.

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The world’s best (and friendliest) SMS experts work at Postscript. As a customer, you have access to strategists, industry experts, and best practices to help you maximize your SMS revenue performance.

Chosen by over 10,000 Shopify brands

Jess Cervellon

Jess Cervellon, Head of CS


"Postscript puts the customer experience towards the forefront of what they're building. They've helped us build the raddest SMS engagement pathways that have built loyalty and retained customers."

Hogan Burrell

Hogan Burrell, Marketing Dir.

Lotus and Luna

"After just one call with Postscript’s onboarding team, we knew this was going to be different. We knew SMS was going to become our #1 channel."

Nik Sharma

Nik Sharma, CEO

Sharma Brands

"We use Postscript for all of our ecommerce brands simply because, from a product standpoint, there is no one who gets SMS better than them. Postscript is the first to notify us about any changes to the legalities surrounding SMS!"

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