Double your SMS revenue with Postscript Sales

We pair a team of expertly-trained sales associates with our purpose-built SMS Sales software to proactively engage with your subscribers and convert more of them into satisfied customers. 

Revolutionary solution. Remarkable results.


Average increase in new customer conversions


Up to 10% GMV increase


More subscribers engaged in 1:1 conversations

How SMS Sales works

We staff your team

We staff your SMS Sales team

You’ll get paired with a team of US-based Postscript Sales Associates who will undergo extensive training on your products and brand. They provide coverage 7 days a week with an average response time under 5 minutes.

Proactively engage

They proactively engage with subscribers

Using our purpose-built SMS Sales software, associates proactively engage in conversations with your subscribers at the most critical points of their customer journey. That way, you never miss an opportunity to close a sale.

You make more sales

You make more sales

Every conversation is tailored to individual subscriber needs and preferences, leading to 30% more conversions on average. And with strict attribution tracking, you’ll know exactly which purchases came from SMS Sales.

This is proactive sales, over text, in your brand voice

We personalize conversations to each subscriber

No awkward chatbots here. With access to subscriber profiles and shopping history, our SMS Sales Associates have everything they need to start conversations that feel authentic and human—because they are.

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Sophie Baer

Sophie Baer

Marketing Director, Retention & CX

The Earthling Co.

"The A/B test we ran proved to us that there was a significant increase in conversions with SMS Sales. In addition to that, we're able to deliver a better customer experience to retain more customers."

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We overcome objections

Our SMS Sales Associates take the time to understand each subscriber's motivation to shop and identify any objections that may be preventing them from making a purchase. Whether it's sizing, price, shipping, or a barrier that's unique to your products and audience, we can help to overcome them and turn that subscriber into a satisfied customer.

We serve up unique offers to drive conversions

If a sale doesn't happen during the first interaction, we continue to follow up with timely, personalized messages. Our SMS Sales Associates are also equipped to send unique offers to subscribers that will help convert them.

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How QALO creates a personal shopper experience over text

By combining SMS Sales with their existing SMS Marketing strategy, silicon rings brand QALO has dramatically grown their funnel, conversions, and revenue.


Increase in GMV


More subscribers engaged in conversations


Lift in new customer conversion rate

Brittany Lima

Brittany Lima

Director of Retention Marketing

QALO/Win Brands Group

"SMS Sales is such a big part of how our ecommerce numbers have grown year over year. Hands down it has had a big impact.”

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