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Build and grow your SMS list with the help of Postscript.

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Integrations that take your list growth further

Use your favorite popup or form builder to collect SMS subscribers. Share subscriber data between Postscript and the rest of your tech stack.

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Promote your SMS list wherever your customers are.

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Our conversion rate on popups has gone through the roof with Postscript...

“We were collecting 70-80 phone numbers per day with another SMS vendor and now it’s 100-200. Text is a big part of being able to communicate with our most valuable customers and, thanks to Postscript, it has also become one of our most profitable revenue channels.”

Russell Steed

Russell Steed

Online Revenue and Marketing Manager


SMS Marketing Compliance

All of Postscript’s features and acquisition tools are hard-wired to follow guidelines set by the TCPA, mobile carriers, and other regulatory bodies where possible. For instance, we include automated compliance language on popups, opt-in forms, and checkout collection. For acquisition tools where it’s not possible to automatically include compliance language (such as Keywords) we provide clear guidelines in our platform and help articles. As compliance regulations evolve, so does our platform to help you stay compliant automatically. Learn more about compliance here.