8 Texts to Send in April
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8 Texts to Send in April

Ren Reed

March 13, 2024

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You know what they say: April campaigns bring May gains. So, water your lists thoroughly this month with texts that engage, delight, and convert—we promise it will pay dividends as we head into summer and beyond.

Speaking of gains, if you want to join our List Growth gym session with Caraway, Flux Footwear, and GrooveLife, sign up soon! It's just a webinar, so no athleticwear necessary. We will, however, be sculpting our acquisition muscles and sharing top tips for rapid list growth. After all, texts like these deserve to be seen by more people:

April 1 - April Fools Day

Postscript is thrilled to be launching its own DTC product this April, an exclusive Fondue Set!

Fondue Set

While this is tragically untrue, we do want you to send a great April Fool's campaign this year. So, any merchants who do will be entered to receive a surprise 👀

Here are some clever texts that had us in the first half, to be honest:

The Earthling Co.

April Fools The Earthling Co.

Bones Coffee

April Fools Bones Coffee

Dash of Glitter

April Fools Dash of Glitter

April 10 - National Siblings Day

For many of us siblings, National Siblings Day is just another day for April pranks. But some brands took the high road and offered some great deals and gifts for subscribers' siblings:

Keeva Organics

Sibling Day Keeva Organics

North Authentic

Sibling Day North Authentic

Beauty Bar Skin Co.

Sibling Day Beauty Bar & Co

April 14 - National Gardening Day

The moment is now to get those plants in the ground before the summer heat rolls in. From the aspiring gardeners on your list to the veteran green thumbs, there are plenty of subscribers who will appreciate a call to get outside and get growin'.

Outer Aisle

Gardening Outer Aisle*

Escents Aromatherapy

Gardening Escents Aromatherapy

April 15 - Tax Day

File this one under "days your brand can play the hero." Similar to how we suggested running a fun daylight savings campaign (we're still adjusting to springing forward), swoop in with a creative Tax Day campaign to give last-minute filers something to smile about. Here is how it's done:

Water Fusions

Tax Day Water Fusions

AW Lashes

Tax Day awlashes


Tax Day Kizik*


Tax Day TruBrain

April 18 - National Haiku Poetry Day

Let's be honest, we weren't breaking any ground by saying April Fools Day is a good marketing date. Enter National Haiku Poetry Day. This is why you come back to the Postscript blog time and time again—because we serve up campaign ideas that defy convention. Try your hand at this ancient art form in a text! Preferably with poetry that makes your list laugh or feel appreciated. We promise it will stand out in inboxes filled with discount codes and links. Here's an example:

Hello, blog reader

Has this content inspired you?

If so, please read on.


HaikuNuSkool Snacks

Leaf Shave

Haiku Leaf Shave

Pup Active

Haiku Pup Active

Braxley Brands

Haiku Braxley

April 22 - Earth Day

Earth. It's where we're at. That is until Jeff and Elon colonize Pluto or something. Until then, we're going to keep texting our subscribers about how beautiful and fragile the world is, and you should too! Here's how some of our favorite brands did it last year:

Bones Coffee

Earth Day Bones Coffee*

Bella Ella Boutique

Earth Day Bella Ella

Sleep Gram

Earth Day Sleep Gram

Cosy House Collection

Earth Day Cosy House Collection

April 23 - World Book Day

Yes, audiobooks count. We always say that SMS is the friendliest channel and what's more friendly than sharing a good book rec? Share the latest read sitting on your nightstand, or design an opt-in keyword that subscribers can text to join a book club segment. Creative, non-transactional campaigns are the backbone of healthy SMS programs, and World Book Day feels like a prime chance to lean in.

Nifty Apple

Books Nifty Apple

Brave Books

Books Brave Books

April 26 - Arbor Day

Some say it's the little sibling to Earth Day, some say it's the big sibling to Gardening Day. Nobody really says either of those things, but it's a great day for another SMS campaign (we seem to like those).

Since Arbor Day is traditionally a day for planting trees, here's a cool toolkit that California Releaf put together for planning a tree-planting project if your brand is interested in hosting one!

Bones Coffee (Standing O for Bones Coffee, the MVP of the blog!)

Arbor Day Bones Coffee

This is a Q2 check-in, by the way. How are you doing? One of our favorite things to do is advise brands on their SMS program, even if they aren't Postscript clients. Have a question? Send us an email or book some time. We’d love to chat strategy with you! 

Ren Reed

Ren Reed

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