Group Chat SMS Conference Presented by Postscript - September 13-14 2022 - Los Angeles, California

Group Chat Conference

Beep Beep! We’re Going On Tour!

We’ve been floored by our community’s positive response and excitement around Group Chat! The Conference. But we’ve also heard from a lot of merchants who are having trouble dealing with travel costs and logistics in the current environment. If you’ve attempted to fly recently, you’ve probably experienced inflated ticket prices as well as flight delays and cancellations. 😵💫

One of our company values is to be “customer first,” and looking at the original configuration for the event, we felt like we weren’t prioritizing our customers' needs and challenges. So, we’ve come up with a great solution—and one we are fired up about!
Group Chat is hitting the road! That’s right—we’re coming to a city near you. 🚌

En Route!

Group Chat! The Conference is now Group Chat! The Tour—a multi-city series of smaller events in locations across North America.

We are still focused on bringing together industry leaders and the best ecommerce merchants and operators in the game to help you implement and optimize your SMS strategy to make it your next #1 revenue channel. ☝🏼
We can’t wait to hang out with y'all on your home turf! Click the specific cities on the map below to learn more and RSVP!

Hollywood, September 13th

Hollywood, September 13th

California here we come! Los Angeles is home to some of the biggest brands in ecommerce, so there’s no better place to kick off Group Chat! The Tour than on the West Coast.

New York City, October 13

New York City, October 13

New York, you’re next! We’re ready to talk about the one ecommerce marketing channel that can actually cut through the noise—even Times Square-level noise—to reach customers in an engaging and authentic way: SMS.

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