Postscript Custies Get 3X Sending Bandwidth with Expanded Twilio Partnership
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August 1, 2022

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Using Postscript for SMS this holiday season?

If so, congrats on making a great choice—because you can expect faster throughput, better deliverability, and reduced filtering through BFCM and beyond. Basically, you’ll be able to Send More Smoothly (SMS—get it?) during one of the busiest texting times of the year! 🥳

That’s because we’ve expanded our awesome partnership with Twilio—the Customer Engagement Platform trusted by millions of developers. Earlier this year, Twilio Ventures participated in Postscript’s Series C Funding—and now, Postscript is one of Twilio’s preferred SMS vendors, and Twilio is Postscript’s exclusive global customer engagement platform.

Yup—Postscript and Twilio are officially besties, which is especially important as we head into peak selling season. Ecommerce merchants using Postscript for SMS marketing can now count on:

Top-notch throughput and deliverability during BFCM and beyond

Cyber Weekend is a super high-volume messaging time for SMS marketers. This makes queuing incredibly important, as the carrier roadways see a huge influx of traffic. With this new partnership, Postscript will have real-time visibility into these queues, allowing us to proactively identify and smooth out delays before they impact merchants. We’ll be able to manage traffic up to the minute during a time when every second counts.

We’ll also receive sending superpowers across Twilio’s entire network, which will result in triple—yes, three times—the amount of bandwidth we received for BFCM 2021. That means better throughput for Postscript merchants on both toll-free numbers (TFNs) and short codes.

On top of that, Postscript merchants will continue to see more messages reaching subscribers thanks to Twilio’s unrivaled message deliverability at scale—backed by the Twilio Super Network, real-time routing algorithms, and deep partnerships with more than 1,500 global, tier-1 carrier partners. 

Less message filtering (and faster resolution of inadvertent filtering)

Filtering is a fact of life for SMS marketers. Carrier filters are intended to prevent unwanted, non-compliant, truly spammy messages from clogging up subscriber inboxes—but sometimes, those filters inadvertently block totally compliant messages from being delivered to those who opted into receiving them.

Our enhanced partnership with Twilio allows us to work together more closely to prevent and resolve inadvertent message filtering. We know it’s important for your texts to arrive on schedule, especially when you’re sending multiple campaign messages and running time-sensitive deals during the holiday sales period.

More collaboration to advocate for merchants

This partnership empowers Twilio and Postscript to combine advocacy efforts in the pursuit of carrier terms that benefit both merchants and their customers. This will enable Postscript to lead the charge on conversational messaging technology designed to satisfy rapidly evolving consumer preferences.

Bottom line: Both Postscript and Twilio know that your subscribers want to interact with your brand via text in a variety of new and exciting ways—and with this partnership, we’ll be able to better work with carriers to find more innovative ways for you to do so compliantly.

Better support for brands sending texts internationally

While Postscript customers are based primarily in North America, this partnership will open up more possibilities to work with brands whose operations and subscribers are based in countries around the world.

Exciting stuff, right? We were already stoked for the fast-approaching holiday season, but now that we have this partnership in the bag, we can’t help but shout BRING ON BFCM from the rooftops! 📣

On that note, if you haven’t already, be sure to register for our upcoming strategy webinar on September 21, “The BFCM Breakdown: How to Use SMS to Sell More Stuff This Holiday Season.” We’ll join three merchants who totally crushed BFCM last year to learn how they did it and what they have up their sleeves for 2022. Hope to see you there!