$60,000 revenue in 30 days for ProperLBC

ProperLBC is a retail store for people who love sneakers and streetwear culture. They provide apparel, accessories, sneakers, and more from brands like Adidas and Converse. Products are available online and at storefronts in Long Beach and Houston. They collaborated with Darkroom, a leading direct-to-consumer growth agency, to create a new SMS program and drive customer retention.

$60,000 revenue in 30 days for ProperLBC
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Retention increases by 20-30% with Darkroom and Postscript

Darkroom is a vertically integrated digital agency pioneering the next generation of consumer-facing brands. They offer a full suite of services, including creative production and performance marketing. Their retention marketing services include email, SMS, and custom-tailored strategies for each client they engage with.

ProperLBC had a growing email list and wanted to continue building customer relationships. They saw SMS as a great opportunity to connect with their customers, but they didn’t know where to start.

Tina Manning, Head of Retention Marketing at Darkroom, worked alongside ProperLBC to build their SMS marketing channel. The Darkroom team set up a mobile-only pop-up on the website to capture phone numbers. Using Postscript, they created automatic message sequences to engage customers.

With a focus on relationship-building, Darkroom developed an SMS messaging strategy to drive repeat customers and increase conversions.

Tina Manning

Tina Manning

Head of Retention Marketing


Setting up Postscript is just so simple, and we’ve seen 100x return.


“Implementing automations with Postscript immediately worked for us,” Tina said. In under eight months, ProperLBC built its SMS list to 10,000+ subscribers. They’ve also seen $60,000 in revenue generated in just 30 days and increased retention by 20–30%.

Here are four strategies that have led to ProperLBC’s success:

  1. Testing and optimizing SMS content. As SMS subscribers receive messages, Tina evaluates how they respond. What do they like? What do they dislike? How do they react to one product release versus to another? Getting these insights from customers helps her determine where to put their efforts and how to increase conversions.

  2. Creating automatic sequences. Automatic messages help ProperLBC foster customer relationships almost on autopilot. Through Postscript, new SMS subscribers receive a simple flow of automatic messages over time. Tina says: “If you look at the numbers, the majority of our repeat customers are coming from these automations. And I've rarely touched them, maybe here and there.”

  3. Leveraging customer loyalty. Using Postscript, Darkroom pulled a segment of customers who had spent over $500 and sent a discount code to that list. “We saw a 30% conversion, which was one of our best that we've seen. Sprinkling in these special offers to a very high loyalty group has been successful,” Tina says.

  4. Combining email and SMS. Subscribers get announcements via SMS first. Then they get a reminder over email: “We always stay true to announcing on SMS first, then later following up with an email. And from doing that this year for the Lunar New Year sale, we doubled our total revenue,” Tina says.

10k +

Compliant subscribers in under 8 months


Revenue generated in just 30 days


Retention increase in retention in just 30 days

Tina Manning

Tina Manning

Head of Retention Marketing


Right now we're seeing on average 17% list growth on the SMS front, and typically you'll see around 10%. The fact that we are growing that fast is really exciting.

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