How Kinfield used Postscript to discover an 87% majority in customer packaging preferences

Kinfield offers clean, sustainably-designed skincare products for outdoor recreation.

How Kinfield used Postscript to discover an 87% majority in customer packaging preferences
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Paper or Plastic?

Kinfield’s SMS customer feedback campaign provided a clear answer to an important product question.

Nichole Powell, the founder and CEO of skincare company Kinfield, was facing an internal debate for an upcoming product launch: Did their customers—the type of people who enjoy Kinfield’s sustainable skin care products—want a paper tube for the upcoming product? Or did they want a more durable 
plastic stick?

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Using SMS Keywords to collect customer feedback

Kinfield wanted its customers to weigh in, but there were two problems.

First, a basic customer survey would provide a clear answer, but it wouldn’t initiate a conversation with customers. Kinfield wanted to hear the why as well as the what.

Second, Kinfield worried that since customers’ email inboxes and social media are more crowded than ever, they’d have a hard time reaching customers and gathering feedback.

Partnering with Postscript, Kinfield decided to launch one of their first-ever SMS campaigns. By asking customers to text in their vote using Keywords, Kinfield could leverage SMS to get more than mere yes/no answers. They could find blind spots and discover where customers had the most enthusiasm.

Nichole Powell

Nichole Powell



I love that we’ll have the option to go back to the people who voted and say, ‘Hey, you voted for this way back in February, and we listened to your feedback—here’s the product you helped create. What do you think?

Solution and results

Kinfield launched an SMS campaign with a simple question: Paper or Plastic?

Promoting the campaign launch through owned channels like email and Instagram, they asked their community to weigh in with a simple text opt-in message. After voting for paper or plastic packaging, respondents would then receive a prompt asking why they had made that choice.

The answers immediately revealed an overwhelming customer favorite: paper packaging.

Though Kinfield had imagined a 50-50 split, 87% of their votes favored paper packaging. They also noticed much more enthusiasm on this side: 92% of the voters who voted for paper packaging also provided additional comments on why they’d made that vote.

To Kinfield, this indicated that beyond winning the vote, the paper enthusiasts were more vocal and passionate as a group.

Looking forward, Kinfield is excited to incorporate SMS into future product ideation by sharing new announcements with its established SMS community.

Using SMS for customer engagement left a strong impression on Kinfield. Kinfield’s customer care and community lead even messaged back and forth with a few customers about their weekend plans. It wasn’t long before they were swapping home composting tips.


Voted for paper. The customer feedback was clear

Nichole Powell

Nichole Powell



“We explored a few different options for SMS providers, but other brands that use Postscript were so enthusiastic and genuine in their referral for Postscript that it felt like a no-brainer. We heard time and time again that the Postscript team was above and beyond helpful and supportive, and that its resources and automations were top-notch.”

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