10 Unmissable SMS Ideas for March
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10 Unmissable SMS Ideas for March

Ren Reed
February 15, 2024
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Whether you march to the beat of your own ecommerce drum or live and die by our comprehensive SMS calendar, a little additional March marketing inspiration can't hurt.

As consumer spending starts to thaw and subscribers start eyeing those warmer-weather goods, be sure your SMS campaigns are creatively speaking to the season. Whether it's a sale to celebrate winter's end or a comprehensive March Madness bracket flow, may this collection of texts serve as your monthly SMS muse.

March 8 - International Women’s Day 

It's Women's History Month all month long, but the 8th is a great day to send a campaign celebrating the women on your team, on your SMS list, and in the world.

Spotlight some of the women of your brand, and if you're women-founded, share that story with your list! Here are some notable texts we loved last year:


The Uptown Boutique

Women-s Day Uptown Boutique

Lotus and Luna

Women-s Day Lotus and Luna


March 9 - Barbie Day

The Barbie aftershocks still haven't subsided, especially since the blockbuster is up for 8 awards at the Oscars (but as NPR put it: is that Kenough?). This film was and is a goldmine for memes, cultural commentary, and quotes, so tap its power to build a Barbie Day dream-text for your subscribers:


Barbie RiffRaff


March 10 - The Oscars

Now that you've primed your list with a topical Barbie campaign in preparation for the Oscars, it's time to get creative and roll out the SMS red carpet for your subscribers. It's a great day for Hollywood trivia, award polls, memes, and flash sales. Here are some standouts from last year:

Sterling Forever

Oscars Sterling Forever

Averr Aglow

Oscars Averr Aglow

It's Delish

Oscars It-s Delish

Dr. Brite

Oscars Dr. Brite

March 10 - Daylight Savings

This is the rough one to wake up to, right? Oh well. Longer days are inbound, and we're ready to make the most of them. Here's how some of our favorite brands encouraged their groggy-eyed subscribers to Spring Forward last year:


Daylight Oh!mino


Daylight Steelfit

Gravity Blankets

Daylight Gravity Blankets

March 14 - Pi Day

Math was never our strong suit, but we did major in SMS. Here are some Pi Day ideas: Build out a few segments based on total number of orders (something like 3 to 5, segments total). Craft a unique copy for each segment, and in each message, include one digit of Pi for every order those subscribers have placed with you! This is an easy way to remind subscribers that your SMS messages are and personalized and prompt them to add to their digit count with a Pi Day purchase.

Or, of course, you could offer them 31.4% CashBack (the decimal is close enough).

Lotus and Luna

Pi Day Lotus and Luna
Pi Day 2 Lotus and Luna

March 17 - St. Patrick’s Day

Is your list wearing green today? Have subscribers prove it by sending in a pic. Or challenge your list with some St. Paddy's trivia. However you engage your SMS list today, take advantage of the opportunity to gamify your messaging, use fun copy, and dish out rewards. It's what Saint Patrick would have wanted* (*we have no way of knowing if this is what Saint Patrick would have wanted).


Death Wish Coffee

St. Patrick Death Wish Coffee

Club EarlyBird

St. Patrick Club Earlybird

Greater Than

St. Patrick Greater Than

March 19 - March Madness

Lace 'em' up tight because this is an excellent chance to shoot your shot with a creative campaign flow. Ask your subscribers to pick their winners in a series of texts (It doesn't have to be basketball teams—you could pit your own products against one another, or classic movies, etc). Based on their answers, automate a branching SMS bracket until your subscribers have picked their winner! Setting up a campaign like this can be labor-intensive but well worth the user experience. Be sure to include some form of prize for the subscribers who participate.

Coffee Beanery

Madness Coffee Beanery


Madness Jambys



Bucket Culture

Madness Bucket Culture

March 19 - First Day of Spring

We don't know where in the world you're reading this, but we've started spotting some early blooms where we are. There are plenty of spring themes to riff on in your March copy: spring cleaning, new beginnings; take your pick:


Spring Kopari

The Earthling Co.

Spring Earthling Co.


Spring Alphalete

March 22 - Goof Off Day

You can interpret this 'holiday' one of two ways. One, you can take it to heart and play hooky at work. If that's you, stop reading this blog and go goof off. Or, two, have some fun with your subscribers and break out your best jokes to honor the occasion. Here are some examples that made us chuckle last year:

Fit Body Boot Camp

Goof Fit Body Boot Camp

Tactical Baby Gear

Goof Tactical Baby Gear

March 31 - Easter

Postscript merchants always seem to bring out their strongest pun game around Easter, and we aren't complaining. Your SMS strategy could be as simple as wishing your list a Happy Easter or as extensive as setting up an interactive scavenger hunt on your website (see below). Either way, we're just hoppy you're texting.


Easter Kizik

Dr. Squatch

Easter Dr. Squatch

The Impeccable Pig

Easter Impeccable Pig


Easter ZeroSixty

Bones Coffee

Easter Bones Coffee

Want access to more SMS ideas and examples to round out your March schedule? Be sure to check out our full-year 2024 SMS Marketing Calendar. It's chock-full of campaigns and strategies that you can tap into all year long.

That's a wrap on Q1. Happy texting!

Ren Reed
Ren Reed
Content Marketing Specialist
Ren is a part of the content team at Postscript. He considers himself a writer and a filmmaker, but his trophy case remains void of Oscars. Until a golden statue takes up residence there, he'll continue creating for the fun of it!