What’s New in Postscript: October 2023 Product Updates
Product Updates

What’s New in Postscript: October 2023 Product Updates

Bre Fairley

October 27, 2023

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Our team is hard at work prepping to make sure Black Friday / Cyber Monday is the most successful holiday season yet for our merchants. 

This month, we bring you a new wait for event split and automation trigger, and a refreshed view of your invoices tab. 😉 Let’s dive in!

wait for event split click link

Brands can now employ Wait for Link Clicked within Flow Builder’s Wait for Event split tool. This allows merchants to follow up with a subscriber if they click any link within a flow. 

Similarly, brands can use Link Clicked as an automation flow trigger event. This triggers a follow up after any link is clicked.

This feature is in beta and will be rolling out to all shops in the coming weeks.

Learn how to leverage Wait for Link Clicked for campaign flows here and for automation flows here.

We’ve spruced up our Invoices Page so you can more easily track your spending.

If you’ve been in your billing tab lately, you may have noticed your Invoices Page got a facelift!

new invoice view

You can now drill into specific invoices by selecting the service period you’d like to review, export your invoices in PDF format, or share a link that routes your team directly to the specific invoice you’re reviewing.

Learn more here.

Flow Builder is ready for BFCM!

Over the past few months, we’ve made some performance upgrades in Flow Builder to make sure everything is running smoothly during your busiest season. 

We’ve made sure that throughput continues to process efficiently, optimized activation to enable faster execution of flows, and ensured that you always have an up to date estimated subscriber count. These are just a few of the updates we made to make sure you are set up for the most successful BFCM yet!

Stay tuned for November's product updates. In the meantime, happy texting!

Bre Fairley

Bre Fairley

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