What’s New in Postscript: March 2024 Product Updates
Product Updates

What’s New in Postscript: March 2024 Product Updates

Bre Fairley
March 25, 2024
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We're back with March's product updates. Now, we understand if your bracket's taken a beating (mine certainly has), but we've got just the pick-me-up you've been looking for.

Let's dive into the updates you'll find in your Postscript account this month!

We've enhanced our UTM Parameters so you can better track conversions.

This month, we're rolling out enhanced default values and upgraded configurability for UTM parameter settings so you can track conversions across more than just automations and campaigns.

Updated UTM Parameters

The improved settings support additional UTM static values for Automations and Campaigns, and the ability to set UTMs for links sent in responses to your subscribers, keyword replies, and popup messages.

Get started tracking here.

Collect subscribers on Post Purchase pages with our checkout extension.

Brands on Shopify Plus that have transitioned to Shopify's checkout extensibility can now collect SMS subscribers on their post purchase pages (e.g., Thank you and Order status pages).

By transitioning to Shopify's checkout extensibility, brands can add the Postscript checkout extension to a number of places throughout the customer's checkout experience so brands have more creative control over SMS collection at checkout.

Learn more here.

Further personalize post purchase texts with new merge tags.

Now introducing new merge tags! Leverage our new Order ID merge tag for automations that employ the Order Created trigger. Merge tags dynamically pull in data about a customer so you can be sure messages stay relevant and personalized.

This month, you can also find Order Number and Order Status URL merge tags in your account. Use these merge tags with the following automation triggers: Order Created, Order Delivered, Order Fulfilled, Order in Transit, Order Out For Delivery (transactional only), and Attempted Delivery (transactional only).

Start building your next post purchase automation here.

Bre Fairley
Bre Fairley
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