What’s New in Postscript: January 2024 Product Updates
Product Updates

What’s New in Postscript: January 2024 Product Updates

Bre Fairley
January 31, 2024
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January – the month where resolutions come and go, gym memberships question their existence, and ecommerce marketers everywhere ramp up for another year of success! 

Let’s get into your January Product Updates.

Are you 3x-ing your list growth yet?? 👀

Did you hear? Postscript just revolutionized SMS acquisition with Onsite Opt-in. See how it works for merchants below:

Onsite Optin - How It Works

Brands using Onsite Opt-in have seen up to 3X more subscribers than their previous opt-in methods, 50% higher order conversion rates, and best of all - their customers get a seamless opt-in experience. In an effort to continually deliver a product that maximizes your revenue from SMS, Onsite Opt-in is now the default collection method for Postscript popups.

The Fondue Admin Got a Sleek Makeover

We've revamped the look of our admin interface to enhance your experience. The new design is not just about aesthetics; it's cleaner, more user-friendly, and designed to make your navigation smoother. Enjoy the fresh, modern feel as you manage your tasks with ease.

Fondue Admin Refresh

Precisely Tailor Your Cashback Promotions with Excludes/Includes

You can now include or exclude specific product collections, enabling more targeted and effective promotions. This is ideal for dynamic or extensive collections, this feature simplifies the promotional process, integrating seamlessly into the existing promotion creation flow. Note: Any updates to your collection's product list may take up to 24 hours to reflect in our system.

This enhancement is all about giving you more control and flexibility for impactful marketing!

Fondue excludes/includes collections

Bre Fairley
Bre Fairley
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