What’s New in Postscript: August Product Updates
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What’s New in Postscript: August Product Updates

Bre Fairley
August 25, 2022
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As summer winds down, we can’t help but feel giddy about the fact that Black Friday and Cyber Monday are under 100 days away! In preparation, we’re working hard to enhance our app, user experience, and features—all with you in mind.

This month’s improvement and new feature roundup includes making it easy to migrate legacy automations to Flow Builder, adding new integrations (and leveling up existing integration functionality), and making your popup data more accessible.

Read on to see all of Postscript’s August product updates—bundled and shipped with love.

Fast-track the most important step in the customer journey—the purchase—using Text-to-Buy with Shop Pay.

Text-to-Buy with Shop Pay opens up a completely new sales channel and centralizes how customers interact with your brand. Customers can now purchase, receive shipping notifications, and contact customer support—all through a single text thread. How does it work? Send your subscribers a message and they can simply reply to place an order. Postscript’s Text-to-Buy solution is currently in beta. Interested in using it for your brand? Join the Text-to-Buy waitlist here.

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Migrate existing automations and campaigns into Flow Builder and advantage of Flow Builder’s robust toolkit.

The “Migrate to Flow Builder” button enables you to seamlessly transition message copy, automation properties, and delays from legacy automations into Flow Builder. This means you can keep your existing creative and copy while also gaining access to Flow Builder’s additional feature set, which allows you to craft interactive messages, collect zero-party data, and utilize individual message scheduling. Learn more here or get started by jumping into Flow Builder now.

Easily export your popup data to consolidate in your data warehouse or conduct business intelligence analysis.

At Postscript, we understand that the ability to easily pull your business’s data across all marketing platforms is essential, which is why we are working to make data access more convenient.

You can now export popup analytics for varying time frames. To get started, head to your Reports tab and select “Generate Report” in the upper-right corner.

Get a unified view of your brand's scheduled SMS and Klaviyo email campaigns right on your Postscript Dashboard.

Postscript’s Message Planner allows your brand to see all upcoming SMS and Klaviyo email campaigns in either a calendar view or a list view on your Postscript Dashboard. That way, you can visualize your full SMS and email schedule in one place—and make more informed decisions about your current messaging cadence and strategy.

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Create highly-personalized customer experiences and reward repeat purchasers with our new LoyaltyLion integration.

LoyaltyLion takes customer loyalty programs beyond points, empowering brands to nurture customer relationships and improve customer lifetime value in a more meaningful way. And you know Postscript is ALL about nurturing customer relationships and improving the lifetime value of your customers and subscribers!

Get started using Postscript’s powerful list segmentation in tandem with LoyaltyLion to incentivize your subscribers to join your rewards program and ultimately increase your brand's customer lifetime value.

See how SMS is contributing to your overall revenue with our new Triple Whale integration.

Triple Whale gathers and centralizes the data that brands capture across all of the channels they use to market their business—and presents it in a single view. Better understand how SMS is impacting your current marketing strategy and get a better understanding of attribution across the full purchasing journey when you add Postscript to your Triple Whale dashboard. Get started here.

Want to see all the cool features Postscript has to offer?

We're constantly adding and enhancing features to help make SMS the number-one revenue channel for Shopify merchants. Interested? Install Postscript for free now or set up a call with one of our textperts to learn more.

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