Allow your customers to purchase directly via SMS with text-to-buy functionality

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Give your customers the ability to place an order and pay directly through text messages in seconds.

Text-to-Buy with


A completely new payment experience that drives more sales

New Revenue Channel

Send a text message to subscribers. Customers simply reply to place an order.

Faster Checkouts

Shoppers need as little as two steps to make a purchase - all without leaving their text message app.

Simple Setup

If you're already using SMS, you can send your first Text-to-Buy campaign in minutes.

Fast track the most important step in the customer journey - the purchase

Text-to-buy opens up a completely new sales channel for ecommerce brands. Use it to trigger a purchase for:

Upsell a complementary product over text post-purchase

Flash sales
Let SMS subscribers access flash sales and order before anyone else

When it’s time for a refill, let customers order through text

Product drops
The fastest way to notify customers of a product drop and collect orders

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