What’s New in Postscript: April 2024 Product Updates
Product Updates

What’s New in Postscript: April 2024 Product Updates

Bre Fairley
April 26, 2024
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Let's dive into the updates you'll find in your Postscript account this month!

New High Intent Subscriber Filters

You can now segment subscribers who have viewed a specific product, started a checkout, created an order, or added a product to cart—all within a designated timeframe.

That's right! We heard your feedback and are committed to providing you with the best-in-class SMS platform for ecommerce brands so we're releasing the following segment filters:

  • Subscriber Viewed Product / Subscriber Viewed Any Product

  • Subscriber Added Product To Cart / Subscriber Added Any Product To Cart

  • Subscriber Started Checkout With Product / Subscriber Started Checkout With Any Product

  • Subscriber Created Order With Product / Subscriber Created Orders With Any Product

Learn more here, and catch more Product Updates on the blog!

ARMR Update: New Acquisition Rate Calculation

On April 29th, we will upgrade the calculation of Acquisition score– The “A” in our ARMR metric which contributes to Subscriber Lifetime Value (SLTV).

Previously, acquisition was calculated by New Subscribers L30 / All Orders L30. This took into account orders from your entire subscriber list instead of orders from subscribers that are new to your list.

Acquisition score will now be calculated by New Subscribers L30 / First Time Orders L30.

By isolating first time orders within the last 30 days, you can get a clearer signal of how well you’re acquiring quality subscribers that are brand new to your business and your SMS program.

Learn more about ARMR and Subscriber Lifetime Value.

Re-engage Hight Intent Subscribers with Price Drop Automation Trigger

Use our new Price Drop event trigger in automation flows to text subscribers when a price is reduced on a selected product or product variant. By leveraging the Price Drop trigger event, you can re-engage with high intent subscribers who may not have purchased due to pricing considerations.

If you do not see Price Drop in your account, contact Support and we'll get it activated for you.

Learn more >

Fine Tune Your Popup Targeting

Now introducing subscriber status in popups! Configure subscriber status to show your onsite popup to unknown site visitors only, known subscribers only, or both.

By setting subscriber status parameters in your popups, you can design different popups, offer tailored incentives, and ultimately better cater to the site visitor's unique experience with your brand.

Get started >

New Integration Partnerships

BlackCrow AI

Integrate SMS with Smart ID & Predictive Offer products with our Black Crow AI Integration.


Trigger additional cart event texts by recognizing returning users with our new Elevar Integration.


Embed your Postscript sign up form and collect even more subscribers via email with Zaymo.

Bre Fairley
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