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Selom Agbitor

Selom Agbitor, Co-founder

Mad Rabbit

“I think SMS is vital in any brand’s strategy. SMS is a core base that you can reach out to whenever you want. You’re missing out on a lot of revenue by not tapping into SMS.”


Beauty & Cosmetics


Get the gold standard in SMS compliance

We’ve got your back with built-in compliance safeguards to help keep your brand in line with all CTIA, TCPA, and state-level regulations, including:

  • Popups and checkout collection configured with compliance in mind

  • Consent language automatically added at every Postscript opt-in point

  • Automatic send delays so subscribers only receive campaigns and automations during waking hours

  • Recognition of “fuzzy” opt-out commands (e.g., “wrong number,” “don’t text,” “no more”)

  • List health audit to remove invalid phone numbers when migrating to Postscript

Enjoy unmatched throughput and deliverability

You’ll know your texts are actually making it to subscriber inboxes with our unmatched message throughput and deliverability—thanks in part to our exclusive partnership with Twilio.

The proof is in the pudding. Brands like Dr. Squatch, Ruggable, Thrive Causemetics, and Cosy House Collection sent millions of messages on Black Friday and Cyber Monday alone—with 100% uptime and zero delays.

Chris Hall

Chris Hall, Senior Marketing Manager

Bruce Bolt

“If you do SMS marketing, you should be on Postscript.”


Fitness & Outdoors

Conversational commerce 2

Experience an SMS platform built specifically for SMS

Conversation is nothing without context, and Postscript was intentionally built to provide the most contextual subscriber experiences possible—at scale.

Our first-of-its-kind response branching feature enables brands like Glow Recipe, Kopari, and Feastables to have personalized, 1:1 interactions based on:

  • Real-time subscriber replies

  • Saved subscriber attributes

  • Past subscriber behavior

  • Unique data points pulled through our deep integrations with Shopify, Klaviyo, and dozens of other tech partners

Jess Cervellon

Jess Cervellon, Head of Customer Experience


“Postscript doesn’t think about just marketing aspects—they also put the customer experience towards the forefront of what they’re building. They’ve helped us build the raddest SMS engagement pathways that have created loyalty and retained customers.”


Food & Beverage

Schedule texts with precision

Plus, we offer custom time delays to ensure your messages land at the exact right time. (Because who wants to receive a Taco Tuesday text on a Thursday?)

And unlike other SMS platforms, our calendar view shows both SMS and email campaigns in one place—so you can create a truly complementary strategy for both channels.

Bare Performance Nutrition White

See how Bare Performance Nutrition made $1M in 4 months with conversational SMS


Average Subscriber LTV


Subscriber Retention Rate


Total potential value of SMS

Grow your list fast

Need a hand with list growth? We’re on it. We’ll help you identify your most valuable subscriber acquisition channels so you can increase your list size ASAP. Then, we’ll partner with you to keep those subscribers engaged for the long haul to maximize retention and repeat business.

Bubs Naturals White

Learn how BUBS Naturals added more new subscribers
in 30 days on Postscript than 1.5 years on Attentive


Average Subscriber LTV


Subscribers added in 90 days


Revenue/subscriber in 90 days


Total potential value of SMS

Build relationships that drive revenue

Brands like Death Wish Coffee, Lotus and Luna, and NOMATIC use Postscript’s powerful conversational commerce engine to drive meaningful engagement and consistent revenue.

Subscribers who engage in 2-way conversational messaging within Postscript are worth 4x more than the average one-way subscriber—and our platform is built to help your brand identify, nurture, and convert those subscribers.

Russell Steed

Russell Steed , Online Revenue and Marketing Manager


"Attentive’s recommended approach of sending the same 8 texts to every subscriber each month was starting to burn our list. I felt like they were doing things in their best interest and not ours."


Fashion & Apparel

Death Wish Coffee White

Learn how Death Wish Coffee Company uses Postscript to drive consistent 64X ROI through product launches


Average ROI on Zodiac mug launch campaigns


Compliant subscribers in 18 months

Have a team of Textperts in your corner

And it’s not just our platform that’s all-in on SMS—it’s our team, too. We’ve amassed an all-star roster of Textperts whose #1 goal is to make SMS your #1 revenue channel, and we’ve got the knowledge, experience, and data-driven mindset to make it happen for your brand.

From regular strategy sessions to full-service options through Postscript Plus for those wanting to hand off SMS to our pros entirely, we’ve got a setup to suit your brand’s specific needs. (And if you’re migrating from a different platform, we’ll help you move over your existing number and subscriber list.)
Whatever route you choose, we can’t wait to help you Sell More Stuff with SMS.

Hogan Burrell

Hogan Burrell, Marketing Director

Lotus and Luna

"After just one call with Postscript’s onboarding team, we knew this was going to be different. We knew SMS was going to become our #1 channel."


Fashion & Apparel

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