What’s New in Postscript: September Product Updates
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What’s New in Postscript: September Product Updates

Bre Fairley
September 26, 2022
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September has been a productive month for Postscript. In case you haven’t heard, we kicked off Group Chat! The Tour. 🤘But don’t worry—when we weren’t busy talking shop in LA, we were hard at work adding integrations, releasing brand new features, and leveling up existing tools. 

Read on to see the spicy new features and enhancements we rolled out this month. 🌶

Scale personalized messaging with nested branching in campaign or automation flows.

Wait for Event Branching allows merchants to easily visualize and build flows, add automated responses to subscriber actions (e.g., after they complete a purchase, respond to a prompt, and more), and collect zero-party or first-party data. With nested branching, you can now scale and simulate a 1:1 experience between your brand and customers by adding several branches to a flow based on subscriber actions. 

Nested Branching Example

The example above shows how your customers can experience nested branching. Pro Tip: In this example, BubSnax can collect zero-party data by tagging the subscriber so the brand knows she 1) prefers cookies, and 2) prefers to be texted monthly.

That way, future campaigns can be personalized to her preferences and, in turn, have better conversion rates.

Learn more about how you can use nested branching here or hop into Flow Builder to give it a whirl!

Spruce up your messages with media by dragging and dropping image or GIF files right into your flows. 

Drag and Drop Image Files

Adding media to your flows got even easier! You can now select the media you’d like to add to your flow, drag it to the message, and drop it into the editor—it really is that easy. 😎

Get started here.

Add a cancellation trigger to remove subscribers from campaign flows after they complete a desired action.

You’ve seen it with automation flows and now you can leverage it in campaign flows! Cancellation triggers allow you to remove subscribers from a campaign flow after they’ve completed a desired action, like placing an order. This ensures they don’t continue to receive messages that may not apply to them.

Need a refresher on campaign flows? Check out our guide here.

You asked and we listened- Postscript and Smile.io are now integrated!

Yep, you read that right. Use the power of Postscript segmentation in tandem with Smile.io to create highly-personalized customer experiences and reward repeat purchasers. With this integration, you can aim to improve your brand’s Subscriber Lifetime Value by sending automated SMS updates incentivizing subscribers to join your Smile rewards program.

Learn more about our Smile.io integration here.

Subscriber Lifetime Value Dashboard got a makeover.

We value the feedback of our merchants and build every feature with them in mind. In doing so, we’ve rebuilt our Subscriber Lifetime Value (SLTV) dashboard. You can now find an overview of your SMS program independent from your SLTV metrics. Below your account overview, you can now find your brand’s individual SLTV metrics. Expand this section of your dashboard for more information about each metric.

Dive into your dashboard to check it out! 

ARMR Dashboard

Easily and quickly create high-quality popups with our newly designed default popups. 

Postscript’s out-of-the-box popups got a modern facelift meaning you can simply add your shop’s branding and easily produce a sharp and modern-looking popup. In other words, you can save time on creating and styling your popup so you can focus more of your time running your ecommerce brand.

Hop into your popups page to give it a try!

Want to see all the cool features Postscript has to offer?

We're constantly adding and enhancing features to help make SMS the number-one revenue channel for Shopify merchants. Interested? Install Postscript for free now or set up a call with one of our textperts to learn more.

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