What’s New in Postscript: June 2023 Product Updates
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What’s New in Postscript: June 2023 Product Updates

Bre Fairley
June 27, 2023
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Have you heard? Summer is FINALLY here. The sun is beaming and so are the folks at Postscript. We’re nonstop working on planning and delivering best-in-class features for our community–  and this month was no exception.

Grab your sunscreen, an ice-cold glass of something delicious, and buckle in for a look at our June product updates. 👇

Manage your automation and campaign flows more efficiently with our new Add to Flow action in Flow Builder.

Our new Add to Flow action in Flow Builder allows merchants to route subscribers from an automation flow or campaign flow into a different automation triggered by a new Added via Another Flow event. 

This enables merchants to move a subscriber from one flow to the next, automating and personalizing messaging in flows based on subscriber actions or flow context and creating the opportunity for more targeted messaging. For example, you may consider moving a subscriber from an Order Created flow into a Support flow if they respond that they need help with a previously placed order.

Add to Flow Example

Reach out to your Customer Success Manager or contact our Support team to activate this feature in your account so you can get started.

Send custom properties collected with Postscript popups to Subscriber Profiles in Klaviyo.

Postscript brands integrated with Klaviyo and collecting custom properties with their Postscript popups can now forward first party data to subscriber profiles in Klaviyo.

Learn more.

A/B test Postscript popups and send each variant to a different Klaviyo list.

You can now send emails collected in different Postscript popups to different Klaviyo lists. You may consider A/B testing variations of Postscript popups including incentive, timing, design, and/or behavior, then send the emails captured in the A/B variants to different Klaviyo lists so you can further customize the customer journey.

Jump into the app to get started

Save money when you create segments based on subscribers’ phone carriers.

In case you didn’t know, some phone carriers charge more to use their “roadways” than others. If you’re interested in executing a more economical approach to messaging your subscribers, you can now segment based on subscriber phone carriers

Before Postscript can identify a subscriber's carrier, your brand will need to send a message to that subscriber. After a message is sent, we collect subscriber mobile carrier information that you can recall in segments.

Segment by Carrier

Get started here.

Postscript now integrates with Stay.Ai so you can provide subscribers with an exceptional subscription experience.

Calling all Stay.Ai stans!! With our Stay.Ai integration, you can keep your subscribers up-to-date on orders via SMS. If you’re not familiar, Stay.Ai is a comprehensive subscription platform that allows you to acquire subscribers, increase customer lifetime value, and reduce churn. 

stay ai SEO Open graph

Check out our help center to learn more or jump in the app to get started.

Want to see all the cool features Postscript has to offer?

We're constantly adding and enhancing features to help make SMS the number-one revenue channel for Shopify merchants. Interested? Install Postscript for free now or set up a call with one of our textperts to learn more.

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