What’s New in Postscript: April Product Updates
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What’s New in Postscript: April Product Updates

Bre Fairley
April 28, 2023
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We can’t tell if it’s tears of joy or spring allergies—but this month’s product updates have us shedding happy tears. Why? We’ve made some huge strides in providing an even better response branching experience for subscribers. 

Plus we’ve made it easier than ever to collect subscriber numbers anywhere during the checkout process. 

Check out what we’ve been cooking up below!

Send subscribers down the appropriate response branch even when they respond with a typo.

Merchants can now enable Approximate Matching in Subscriber Response branches to match subscriber responses to the intended response even if the subscriber’s reply is misspelled or contains a typo.

For example, if a merchant has Approximate Matching enabled and asks subscribers to respond with “Spring” or “Summer”; “sprng” and “summr” responses will still send subscribers down the correct branches in the flow.

This feature is currently in beta and will be rolled out over the coming weeks. If you’d like to enable this feature early, contact our Support team or your Customer Success Manager.

Fuzzy Response Flow Builder Gif

Growing your list just got easier with our new checkout extension for Shopify Plus merchants.

ICYMI, Shopify announced that checkout.liquid will be deprecated in '24. To continue providing our merchants with a best-in-class experience, we got to work creating a checkout extension. This means that Shopify Plus brands can now:

  • Boost their acquisition rate by collecting SMS opt-ins even during Shop Pay express checkout.

  • Provide a more personalized checkout experience by notifying subscribers if they're already subscribed to your SMS program.

  • Confidently ensure compliant SMS opt-ins for all subscribers. Afterall, our extension does automatically populate the latest TCPA language at checkout. 

  • Customize the placement of SMS collection in the checkout flow on any page.

Learn more about adding the Postscript extension to your Shopify Plus checkout experience here.

Use Maverick’s AI-generated videos to personalize interactions across the customer journey.

With our Maverick integration, merchants can send personalized videos at scale from founders, influencers, and more.

Maverick’s AI formula matches subscriber first names to variable tags in order to generate personalized video experiences that can be paired with SMS automations like welcome series, abandoned cart automations, and post purchase automations.

Learn more about our Maverick integration here or check out how Bruce Bolt boosts LTV with personalized videos from their founder.

maverick open graph

Holistically track marketing attribution to scale your brand profitably with our Northbeam integration.

Northbeam tracks what channels, campaigns, and creatives are actively driving revenue for merchants so brands can scale profitably. Connecting Northbeam to your Postscript account is easy! Just configure UTM parameters in Postscript’s tracking tab so you can track Postscript link data in your Northbeam account.

Learn more about our integration here.

northbeam open

Want to see all the cool features Postscript has to offer?

We're constantly adding and enhancing features to help make SMS the number-one revenue channel for Shopify merchants. Interested? Install Postscript for free now or set up a call with one of our textperts to learn more.

Bre Fairley
Bre Fairley
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