Become a Postscript Certified Partner

Become a Postscript Certified Partner

July 28, 2020
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It’s no secret—SMS is a brand new marketing channel for the majority of merchants and agencies.  With this brand new channel comes a huge opportunity to be among the first to build, scale, and ultimately, grow relationships and revenue via SMS.

It’s an exciting time. But it’s also been a daunting one for many who are unsure what “good SMS” looks like. There hasn’t been a playbook or even a comprehensive resource for what executing SMS well looks like from start to finish.

That’s why we built the Postscript Partner Certification. A complete certification that covers absolutely everything you need to know to operate, execute, and optimize an SMS marketing strategy at your agency.

It’s one and done.

"The content was great + super informative. I surprisingly learned way more about the compliance aspect than I thought I needed to know. This is actually super helpful when pitching the platform/channel."

Alex Mathews, Headwall Ventures

What to Expect

This twelve video course is taught by the experts on SMS marketing who work with brands day in and day out to build and scale their SMS marketing.

Topics include:

  • SMS Compliance

  • Growing an SMS Subscriber List

  • Segmentation

  • Automations

  • How to Sell SMS to Clients

  • Best practices for Campaigns

  • Analytics and Measurement

  • Much More!

It was interesting to learn more about the different acquisition methods for building the list - features like swiping up directly to an opt-in text, texting keywords, including QR codes/keywords on packaging, are all super creative methods which sit across more diverse touchpoints than our typical data capture strategies for email marketing.

Elise Biddle, Andzen

Each section includes a short quiz to test your knowledge. At the end of the course, when you successfully pass, you'll walk away a certified SMS marketing expert.

The Perks of Being a Certified Partner

By taking the Postscript Partner Certification, you’ll not only become an expert in SMS marketing but you’ll become one of the first certified partners.

That comes with some pretty sweet perks, including:

  • Certified status and badge on the Postscript site

  • A certified badge partner logo and badge for use on your sales collateral

  • Direct access to the Postscript support team

  • Co-marketing opportunities (such as blog swaps, newsletter inclusion, case studies, webinars)

  • Input into the Postscript product roadmap

Become a Postscript Certified Partner Today

If you're ready, to get parter certified, head over here to get started.

Are you a merchant thinking, "I'd like to get certified too"?

Fear not, coming soon, the SMS Marketing Certification for merchants like you. You can get on the waitlist for the SMS Marketing Certification.