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Pair SMS and Email using Postscript and Klaviyo

Email and SMS are not the same—so why would you run them on the same platform?

Postscipt built specifically for SMS Marketing

Postscript was built specifically for SMS marketing. It’s all we do.

That’s why 9,000+ Shopify and Shopify Plus merchants trust us to:

  • Deliver cutting-edge features and functionality focused purely on SMS.

  • Stay ahead of rapidly changing regulations and carrier guidelines.

  • Guide their SMS strategy using our deep industry expertise.

  • Price our services transparently based on messaging usage—not credits.

  • Support 1:1 conversational messaging at scale through contextual automated response branching.

  • Enable 2-way messaging to the fullest by supporting all types of incoming messages—including MMS—as well as multiple help desk integrations.

  • Use Shopify data to segment and personalize text messages thanks to our deep integration and partnership.

  • Maintain a robust integration with Klaviyo, so subscriber data syncs between systems.

  • Display both SMS and email campaigns in one calendar view.

Hogan Burrell

Hogan Burrell, Marketing Director

Lotus and Luna

“What I think Klaviyo is to email, I think Postscript is to SMS—which is why I decided to go with a platform specifically focused on SMS and Shopify.”


Fashion & Apparel

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Klaviyo was built specifically for email marketing. It’s what they do best.

Klaviyo is the undisputed leader in DTC email marketing. That’s where their primary focus lies.

This means the majority of their resources—including their features, roadmap, and team expertise—go toward building and supporting their best-in-class email solution.

But using an email platform for SMS is like running a marathon in basketball shoes. Sure, it’ll get the job done—but it won’t get you the best results.

Klaviyo was built specifically for email marketing.
Josh White

Josh White, Marketing Director

Heart & Soil

“We moved from Klaviyo SMS to Postscript for the increased functionality and have stayed for the high level of service from the Postscript team. We have partnered with several third party platforms for multiple areas of the business, and Postscript delivers a higher level of customer service than any of them. I recommend Postscript on a regular basis to my network in the DTC ecommerce space and view them as an essential part of any SMS strategy.”


Health & Wellness

Postscript + Klaviyo is the best-of-breed solution your brand needs to get the most out of both email and SMS.


Created specifically for SMS marketing

Created specifically for email marketing

Built from the ground-up with the nuance of SMS in mind

Added SMS on to email offering recently

Expertise and resources focus solely on SMS (and always will!)

Expertise and resources focus primarily on email

Provides an independent SMS workflow optimized for the text marketing channel

Puts email and SMS into the same workflow

Offers a robust campaign flow builder that automates follow-up campaign messages based on subscriber behavior and Shopify order data.

Does not support campaign flows.

Syncs email and SMS subscriber data (via a deep integration with Klaviyo)

Syncs email and SMS subscriber data

Enables sophisticated two-way messaging by supporting:

  • incoming MMS;

  • integrations with Slack as well as popular help desks and email clients;

  • sentiment analysis for incoming responses;

  • automated response branching; and

  • full-scale transactional messaging

Supports basic two-way texting

How the integration works

When you use Postscript + Klaviyo, you get all of Postscript’s robust SMS features, plus:

  • Shared coupon codes that can be used and sent in both systems

  • Subscriber data that syncs between, and is available within, both systems

  • Ability to use Klaviyo events in Postscript and vice-versa (e.g., email sent or message clicked)

  • Ability to send Klaviyo popup data to Postscript and vice-versa (i.e., gather both email and SMS subscribers in both systems)

Example use cases

Merchants who use Postscript + Klaviyo can:

Send a follow-up text to email subscribers who received, but did not engage with, a specific Klaviyo campaign

Send a follow-up email to SMS subscribers who received, but did not engage with, a specific Postscript campaign

Send follow-up abandoned cart messages via email after an initial SMS message (which is important because to stay compliant, abandoned cart messages should be limited to a single SMS message)

Use SMS as an early access channel for product drops (while using email for general access)

Send transactional messages via both email and SMS

Create a welcome series that incorporates both email and text messages

Drive new SMS subscribers via email and vice-versa

See why Postscript is the leading SMS marketing solution for Shopify stores.

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