Using MMS to Bolster Customer Engagement
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Using MMS to Bolster Customer Engagement


July 13, 2018

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Mobile marketing has become one of the most useful strategies for the promotion of business, products, and services. Customers can receive information through a simple text message using short and simple language. The idea of making use of SMS marketing has been around for quite some time and offers lots of perks for marketers. Most of the enterprises can attract more customers by using an effective SMS marketing campaign. To further boost your mobile marketing campaign, an MMS marketing strategy is something you might want to consider.

What Is MMS Marketing?

Multimedia Messaging Service is an effective way that allows you to enhance your SMS plans. The process involves using both, text and multimedia content such as short videos and images, to generate more interest. Adding more characters in a text message through MMS helps you add useful details of your products and services.

How Can You Properly Implement MMS Marketing For More Customer Engagement?

There are numerous ways in which you can apply your strategies to drive more customers to your business. Here are a few for you to take advantage of:-

Format Your Content

Each business institution has a targeted audience that serves as the basis of its marketing approach. It is important that you develop your content based on what your customer would like to see.  The insertion of various visual components requires careful thinking based on your audience's preferences.

If you are making use of an image, then you should make sure that it has a standard supporting format such as JPG or JPEG. That's to ensure that each of your targeted customers can access your content without any hassles. In case of other components such as videos and slides, you will have to select a basic format that suits the majority of your consumers.

Create The Best Subject Lines

A subject line is an integral feature of an MMS. An attractive subject line is vital in grabbing the reader's attention. It is imperative for you to deliver a direct and a point-to-point message to drive in more interest from your targeted area.

Add Creativity to Your Content

A simple text message is a preferred choice for many customers as it conveys the message in a clear-cut way. However, you can make your approach a tad more innovative by inserting various visual tools. These include GIFs, images, short videos or animations that give your campaign an extra shine to draw in more consumers.

Promote Through Deals and Packages

The majority of the customers are on the search for unique deals which feature amazing discounts and exciting offers. MMS marketing has become one of the most productive marketing tactics for this purpose. Adding a picture of the product with the deal which is an example of how you can move your campaign forward.  It might lead to more customer activity on your business, which is healthy for better customer engagement.

According to various reports, about 90% of people who own mobile phones carry them around at all times. This trend indicates that you have a better chance of getting the required attention for your business through an effective MMS marketing campaign.

Maintain a Strong Customer Relationship

Having a healthy relationship with the patron is a primary requirement for any successful business. Customers lose interest in your store quite quickly if you don't value them.

Sending various animated messages that include the use of components such as GIFs and animated slides keeps your customers entertained. Making use of such components for presenting a new product or a deal is also a great idea to make them feel involved. MMS provides an easy way and quick way for you to communicate with your customers.

Update Your Customers

It is important that you keep your customers up-to-date with information regarding your business. Doing so can involve different polls and surveys, tips on improvement and even changes that you have made in your customer service programs. It offers value to your customers and makes them feel occupied and recognized. Sending images informing about your updated services or wishing them a happy birthday through an animated MMS is an example of such practices.

Using MMS marketing strategies can result in a happier customer base for your business. Making use of suitable MMS marketing plans is one way of attaining a groundbreaking future for your business.