SMS Marketing: An Easy Guide to Shopify Text Message Marketing
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SMS Marketing: An Easy Guide to Shopify Text Message Marketing

August 16, 2018
Reading Time: 3 minutes

It's quite surprising that most Shopify businesses don't use SMS marketing for maximum customer engagement and sales conversion. About 90% of potential customers tend to read text messages in less than three minutes, which adds to the list of possible ways you can gain more customers. An SMS marketing campaign aims to drive more sales with smart content being used to increase customer interaction for a positive relationship beneficial for future marketing ideas.

The Importance of SMS Marketing In Shopify Stores

Out of all the great marketing solutions on the market, the cheapest and the most effective solution is SMS marketing. Flooding your clientele's email accounts with your latest offers and promotions is indeed not the right way to do business.

There are many advantages you can gain via a successful SMS marketing campaign. Most businesses tend to overlook this marketing technique, which is the simplest way to drive more sales with sufficient traffic and a high response from your customers. Here are some of the benefits of using SMS marketing for your Shopify store:


Customer loyalty is what every Shopify online store primarily aims for. Given their busy schedules, your clientele might be more responsive to a text message as compared to an email. A simple text informing the client about order details, delivery time and other valuable information is necessary for customer satisfaction.


Short keywords in the form of codes can do the job. The process is quite fast and effective as compared to social media platforms. You can fit in more content by using short and smart words. The process is time and cost-effective, and can generate the traction you desire.


A significant problem with most Shopify stores, cart abandonment, can be demoralizing for any operator. According to some calculated statistics, more than 67% of e-commerce carts are deserted, which is quite a concern. Using the best SMS marketing software ensures a text is sent immediately to the targeted customer with an offer not worth refusing.


A significant ingredient for your marketing cookbook is your response time. SMS marketing ensures your customer support replies quickly to your customers’ queries, which boosts their satisfaction and fosters brand loyalty.

How To Enhance Your Shopify Text Message Marketing Strategies?

There are multiple ways you can carry out a successful SMS marketing campaign. A few pointers will help you build an extensive client list along with a successful business model. Here are a few pointers you should keep in mind:

·       Make your clients aware of the latest promotions and discounts by sending them a strategic SMS directly to their phones. A personal touch is what makes them feel valued, which in turn makes them more loyal to you.

·        Updating your customers about their orders is an important step. Quick messages informing your customers about the status, date, confirmations and other order details is an easy way to gain more loyal suitors.

·       Short and sugary, a perfect blend of a successful SMS marketing campaign to grab more attention for your brand.

·       The customer feedback being channeled by an SMS marketing strategy is a great idea. It is easier to carry out a poll or a survey for a specific campaign via text messages to know more about your client’s behavior.

·       Using SMS for customer support is another way to boost your brand’s likeability. A phone call can be time-consuming and in some cases a bit costly for most Shopify customers. Excellent customer support involves quick response to customer complaints and offering solutions without delay. Using an SMS marketing campaign gives a major boost to the quality and reliability of your business's customer support.

With more than half the generation owning a mobile phone, there is a higher chance of success from a perfectly integrated SMS marketing campaign. It is indeed proving a versatile tool for all the leading Shopify stores and there is no reason why you shouldn’t try it for your store.