Our Team’s Biggest Takeaways from Grow LA

Our Team’s Biggest Takeaways from Grow LA

Laura Serino
March 8, 2024
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Grow LA remains one of our favorite events of the year. We loved talking shop with others in DTC. When we got back from LA, we sent some Slack messages to one another about some of our biggest a-ha moments from the event. Here’s some of our favorites.

Emphasize Authentic Connection with Customers

Brands are hyper focused about finding authenticity and connection in their customer interactions. To build a truly loyal brand following, customers desire representation and want brands to speak directly to them in a deeper, more genuine way. (Which is where SMS Sales can come into play.)

Customers want to see themselves reflected in the brands they engage with. There’s a renewed  focus on creating meaningful connections with customers to build trust and loyalty, which are essential elements in the SMS subscriber lifecycle.

We pride ourselves on this too—we’re hyper focused on making sure every Postscript customer feels like they are being served the best support and strategy in the market.

Optimize SMS Strategy for Enhanced Customer Engagement

Everyone we hung out with understands that SMS is a powerful channel. Brands on other platforms like Klaviyo and Emotive expressed they know they could be doing a lot more with SMS and they’re likely not fully maximizing their SMS strategy.

We’re the undisputed SMS leader in the industry because it’s all we focus on. Our strategy helps brands enhance customer engagement, build brand loyalty, and drive conversions.

We spoke to a lot of marketers about a variety of easy wins they can implement to their own strategy today: from collecting UGC in post purchase automations to using Onsite Opt-in to triple their acquisition rates. It’s an exciting time to watch how merchants are using SMS.

Better, More Comprehensive SMS Offerings

A lot of merchants we spoke with forgot that we go beyond basic messaging and that bundling goes a long way when you’re hoping to focus on SMS as a strategic marketing channel: SMS Sales + CashBack + Marketing + Plus = the most robust SMS package in the marketplace.

Folks were impressed by Onsite Opt-in and love how seamless it is. (We were able to demonstrate True Classic’s OOI video demo throughout the conference).

A lot of marketers told us that personalized messaging is crucial to them and that they need their providers to offer robust solutions for automated campaigns, segmentation, popups and more.

Shop Your Favorite Brands—And Take Notes

We had a ton of notes about brands that are doing a great job at marketing, whether it’s delivering amazing customer service or killer packaging. This is a great reminder to simply shop and engage with your own favorite brands to find out ways you can deliver a better experience to your own customers.

Get your family and friends to go through your experience and get that feedback. The customer experience starts the second they land on site.

Trust Your Gut

You know your brand better than anyone and what your goals are. When we met up with customers, they told us they appreciated that we tailor suggestions to their priorities, rather than offering blanket solutions.

A reminder to all marketers to listen to yourself and not get distracted by what everyone else is doing if it doesn't feel right.

Laura Serino
Laura Serino
Senior Manager of Content and Community
Laura is the Senior Content Marketing Manager at Postscript. She has spent the past decade working in ecommerce. When she isn't writing about her favorite topic (marketing) or listening to podcasts about her other favorite topic (ecommerce), she's hanging out with her two sons on an island off the coast of Maine.