What’s New in Postscript: May Product Updates
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What’s New in Postscript: May Product Updates

Bre Fairley
May 25, 2022
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Your May Product Update is here—and we gotta tell you, with summer right around the corner, more than just the weather is heatin’ up! This month we launched some game-changing tools for compliance management, leveled up message scheduling, and continued to enhance our Flow Builder tool by adding post-purchase triggers to automations so shops can effectively re-engaging past customers.

Get all the details below, and be sure to hit us up with any questions or feedback!

Stay ahead of the ever-changing compliance climate with dynamic hosted Messaging Terms and Messaging Privacy Policy.

Compliance is tricky—we get it. So, we launched a solution to keep your messaging privacy policy and message terms ahead of the compliance curve. With this feature, you can backlink to Postscript's hosted dynamic terms and privacy policy. This means you only need to set it up once. After that, your shop’s Messaging Terms and Messaging Privacy Policy automatically update as new Carrier and TCPA compliance requirements are announced. 

Use this feature to make setting up your messaging terms and messaging privacy policy worry-free and hassle-free. That way, you can focus more of your time and energy on improving your SMS strategy and your Subscriber LTVLearn more here. 

Use Post Purchase triggers when creating Automation Flows in Flow Builder.

Harness the power of Post Purchase automations within Flow Builder by using these newly added Automation Flow triggers:

  • Order Delivered

  • Order Created

  • Order in Transit

  • Order Fulfilled

Further personalize these flows by adding merge tags like Shipment Tracking Link, Tracking Company, and Tracking Number. Jump intoFlow Builder to start building your Post Purchase flows now!

May Product Updates Post Purchase Flow Trigger

Schedule individual messages within your Campaign and Automation flows.

You probably know all about fixed interval messaging delays (think: “delay this message to send until after 5 hours”). We’ve leveled-up our message scheduling so you can now also schedule individual messages to send at a specific date and time or on a certain day of the week.

See how to set up message scheduling (and check out some use cases) in Campaign Flows and Automation Flows. Then, get started crafting your flows.

May Product Updates Scheduling GIF

See all the cool features Postscript has to offer by installing the app now.

We're constantly adding and enhancing features to help make SMS the number-one revenue channel for Shopify merchants. Interested in taking our software for a spin? Install Postscript for free now or set up a call with one of our textperts to learn more.

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