Announcing Dynamic Product Images
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Announcing Dynamic Product Images


September 23, 2019

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We’re excited to announce our latest feature, Dynamic Product Images. Personalizing abandon carts can help increase both CTR and conversion rate.  With dynamic product images, Shopify merchants can send abandoned cart text messages with images of the abandoned product directly to a customer’s phone with the Postscript app.

Here’s a quick rundown of how dynamic product images works:

  1. The shopper selects the Postscript sneakers.

2. The customer adds the item to cart, but doesn’t purchase. During the checkout process, the customer compliantly opts-in to SMS marketing.

Shopper adds the sneakers to their cart, but doesn't convert. Fun fact, this cart uses CartHook's single page checkout to optimize conversions.

3. Customer is sent an abandon cart text message dynamically populated with the primary image specified in Shopify.

Shopper receives an abandon cart text message with the product that they had added to their cart.

Who Should Use it?

Everyone...or any Shopify store that has more than a single product.  With abandon cart text message automation getting over 20x ROI in some cases, adding additional personalization will only increase revenue and conversions.

Dynamic product images automatically optimizes revenue by showing the highest priced item in the cart, if the customer had multiple items in the cart.  In my bicycle example if I had both a bike and accessories, only the bike would be shown in the text message.

How do I set it up?

Setting up dynamic abandon cart with the Postscript app is easy.  After setting up the automation criteria, you’ll be brought to the automation messages screen.  After inputting the text of your message in the text box, just select More>Dynamic Product Photo.

To get started, download the postscript app at or chat with us at



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