Deliver personalized consumer experiences via QR codes

How does the Postscript and Swapt integration work?

Integration screenshot

Step 1

Connect your Postscript keyword to your Swapt QR code.

Step 2

Customize your keyword reply to match the offline campaign.

Step 3

Add your compliance language below the QR code

Applications and Use Cases:

  1. List Growth: Being Grow your list by connecting your Postscript keyword to your Swapt landing page or QR codes. Brands can capitalize on previously unknown offline subscribers using QR codes and NFC tags.

  2. Follow up- Creating an automation that allows brands to follow up with subscribers that scanned a QR code.

  3. Discounts- Dynamically set coupons for different offline campaigns. Run offline campaigns via QR, scan/tap for discounts and associate it with the proper keywords in Postscript.