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2024 SMS Bechmarks Hero

The proof is in the data:

Use these insights to create better SMS marketing campaigns in 2024. Below you’ll find the aggregate data from thousands of ecommerce stores using SMS, so you can see how your brand’s SMS marketing strategy stacks up. We’ve also included actionable takeaways to help you get the most out of this report.

Overall Benchmarks

If your shop doesn’t fit into one of the specific industry categories featured in this report, 
these general numbers are a great starting point for assessing your SMS performance.

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SLTV + ARMR Benchmarks

Table Overall SLTV + ARMR Benchmarks DesktopTable Overall SLTV + ARMR Benchmarks Desktop

Overall Message Benchmarks

Table Overall Message Benchmarks DesktopTable Overall Message Benchmarks Desktop

Key Takeaways

  • Every brand can benefit by using Back in Stock notifications. These subscribers are extremely high intent, which is evident based on the high CTR and EPM. Turn on Back in Stock notifications on your product pages to acquire more subscribers and see a big increase in revenue.

  • Welcome Series and Keyword Opt-In remained relatively unchanged year over year, with a slight increase for EPM performance for Keyword Opt-In. This is just another reminder that a more tailored, thoughtful Welcome Series experience is crucial in getting those new customer conversions.

Benchmarks Methodology: Eligible Shops are those that installed 90 days prior to Black Friday (2023-11-25) and spent at least $300 on Postscript Marketing in Q4 2023. • SLTV + ARMR Benchmarks are averages at a merchant level across 2023, to account for seasonality. • CTR’s are calculated based only on sent messages that included a link. • A score is measured by dividing first time orders New Subscribers L30 / First Time Orders L30.