Let your customers manage their subscription and get reminders via text

How does the Postscript and Smartrr integration work?

Integration screenshot

Step 1

Welcome new subscription customers and create a unique SMS experience

Step 2

Keep your subscribers up to date with their subscription info using our automation triggers

Step 3

Allow your subscribers to skip a month or update their information

Applications and Use Cases:

  1. Subscription Created- Sent whenever a new subscription is created. Welcoming them and offering a different journey via SMS.

  2. Upcoming Order- Sent 3 days before upcoming order, customer provided option to skip. Keeps your customer up to date and helps retention.

  3. Skipped Order- Sent when a customer skips after receiving the upcoming order notification.

  4. Payment Method Updated/ Failed- Sent whenever a customer successfully updates their payment method or whenever their payment for upcoming order failed.