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SMS marketing built for Shopify brands.

Experience the power and creativity for SMS for yourself. Subscribe to receive a series of interactive text messages and see the power of Postcript in action!

SMS marketing built for Shopify brands.

10,000+ Shopify stores prefer Postscript

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All the features you need to master SMS marketing

Integrate with Shopify data

Postscript is deeply integrated with Shopify to deliver the best SMS marketing platform for Shopify stores. Our integration auto-syncs with your store, taking in any new relevant customer instantly. Use real-time Shopify data to segment your list and trigger automated texts.

Segment your list

With Postscript, you can create subscriber and customer segments that are as narrow as you want. Use any combination of historical Shopify data, SMS activity, data from app integrations, area codes, and more to perfectly define who you are targeting.

Customize your account

Customize the most important settings in your account, your way. With Postscript, you can control coupons, short link subdomains, attributions windows, UTM parameters, and more.

Have two-way conversations

Make SMS truly personal by having real conversations with your subscribers over text. Manage and respond to text conversations inside Postscript or connect SMS to your favorite help desk platform, such as Gorgias or Zendesk.

Colin Wayne

Colin Wayne


Redline Steel

The segmentation, integrations and ecommerce strategies are great, but the continued support we've received throughout our company's growth is unparalleled.

Do SMS marketing the right way with Postscript.