Enable your customers to manage their subscription with text

Lanie DePasquale, Head of Retention

Kopari Beauty

"We ended up moving to Postscript because of its integration with Recharge. That was a dream of mine: to reach out to our subscribers and let them know about their upcoming shipment through SMS 😄".


Beauty & Cosmetics

How does the Postscript and Recharge integration work?

Integration screenshot

Step 1

Compliantly collect subscribers on the Recharge checkout and create segmented lists

Step 2

Welcome new subscription customers with a personalized SMS automation

Step 3

Update subscribers on their subscription using transactional SMS

Step 4

Allow customers to skip or add on products to an order by texting in keywords

Applications and Use Cases:

  1. Reduce subscription fatigue and keep your subscribers for longer. Use our reply to skip functionality to avoid customers getting frustrated and cancelling because of shipments happening too frequently.

  2. Increase your AOV with one word customer ordering. Our reply-to-buy functionality allows for customers to add products to their upcoming subscription order with one word keyword replies.