Create popups and use advanced targeting to grow your SMS list

Russell Steed

Russell Steed, Marketing Manager


"Our conversion rate on popups have gone through the roof with Postscript [and Justuno]. We were collecting 70-80 phone numbers per day with Attentive and now it’s 100-200."


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How does the Postscript and Justuno integration work?

Integration screenshot

Step 1

Select a compliant two-step popup template from Justuno's library

Step 2

Launch your popup for both desktop and mobile

Step 3

Start collecting new SMS subscribers

Applications and Use Cases:

  1. Easy to get set up compliantly. Use pre-built multi-step Postscript templates in the Justuno template library to get set up collecting phone numbers compliantly within minutes.

  2. Different traffic source, different SMS funnel. Use Justuno’s advanced targeting rules to provide a unique popup for your different marketing channels and leverage that for segmentation and a personalized welcome series.