Respond to your SMS and MMS replies directly in Gorgias

Eli Weiss

Eli Weiss, Director of CX


"Working with Postscript and Gorgias gave us the leverage to keep customers close to deliver the best possible customer experience. It is super helpful to have a full view of the customer, all in one spot 😄"


Food & Beverage

How does the Postscript and Gorgias integration work?

Integration screenshot

Step 1

Brands text their customers from inside Postscript

Step 2

Customers reply via SMS or MMS automatically creating tickets in Gorgias

Step 3

Brands manage those conversations from inside Gorgias

Step 4

Messages go back and forth within the same SMS thread

Applications and Use Cases:

  1. Treat Your VIP Subscribers Differently: use custom tagging rules within Gorgias to respond faster to your top SMS subscribers

  2. Increase Your UGC Collection: ask customers to text you their favorite photos of your product or brand during after a successful CX interaction