Send reorder reminders when customers are most likely to buy again

Cody Griffin

Cody Griffin, VP of Marketing

Dr. Squatch

"The Repeat cart allows us to re-engage our customers looking to reorder in a seamless way. Now, with the Postscript integration, we can expand the reach of Repeat through SMS and deliver a better reordering experience for our customers via text."


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How does the Postscript and Repeat integration work?

Integration screenshot

Step 1

Repeat scans historical data to determine reorder windows for each product.

Step 2

SMS messages are sent to customers within that window to reorder.

Step 3

Customers are sent to a personalized cart to easily reorder from past purchases.

Step 4

If a customer does not purchase, a reminder will be sent 14 days later.

Applications and Use Cases:

  1. Automate reorder reminders: Repeat analyzes your store’s purchase data to determine when a customer is most likely ready to restock. 

  2. Streamline the purchase decision: Repeat adds the product that is due to reorder directly to a personalized cart.

  3. Personalized reordering: Each cart has the product that is due for reorder as well as previous purchases, and even a few other items they might want to add as well.