REDCON1 sees 113X ROI with Postscript

REDCON1 is a rapidly-growing sports supplement brand sold throughout more than 80 countries. They provide protein powders, supplements, and on-the-go meal bars customers can purchase online and in retail stores like Walmart, Vitamin Shoppe, and GNC.

REDCON1 sees 113X ROI with Postscript
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REDCON1 doubles subscribers in one year with Postscript

Ryan Monahan, Chief Marketing Officer at REDCON1, was invited to switch to Postscript by a friend at Redline Steel, a customized decor manufacturing company. What started as a friendly competition between the two companies turned into a robust SMS program for REDCON1.

Previously, REDCON1 used pop-ups to gather subscribers, but they didn’t see a lot of growth. Emily Ahlbum, REDCON1 Digital Marketer, said once they started using keywords and checkout for opt-ins with Postscript, they saw more traction.

After one year with Postscript, REDCON1 doubled their subscriber list. Now, their SMS channel is one of the most profitable ROAS (return on ad spend) consistently.

Even though they share discounts frequently, REDCON1’s unsubscribe rate is low, and campaigns have an 8% to 26% conversion rate.

Emily says: "From a customer retention perspective, we're getting people to come back faster than they normally would because it's a good deal. It's just been a huge win for us.”

SMS is a channel where there isn't this long customer journey. It's very much a direct response—hit them and convert instantly.”

Ryan Monahan

Ryan Monahan

Chief Marketing Officer


Solution and results

Here are three ways REDCON1 created their robust SMS program with Postscript which yielded a 113x ROI:

  1. Intentional segmenting. REDCON1 doesn’t want to bombard their customers with frequent promotions. With Postscript, they could segment their audience, so anyone who’s purchased in the last ten days doesn’t get an SMS alert.

  2. Targeted messaging. Recent subscribers and one-time purchasers are still new to REDCON1, so they receive a gradual introduction to REDCON1’s brand. Meanwhile, two-purchase and two-plus-purchase customers get more familiar, branded tone and messages from REDCON1.

  3. Leveraging storytelling. At REDCON1, campaigns go beyond discount blasts. “Leveraging some storytelling in the narrative has been helpful,” Ryan said. “Even if customers are getting two or three texts in a week, it's a more thoughtful and enjoyable process.”

113x ROI

Average ROI on SMS

2x List Size

Subscriber list after 1 year

8% — 26% Conversion Rate

Average conversion rates on SMS Campaigns

...It's been a win across the board.

“With the earnings per send and the earnings per contact, SMS is definitely the highest channel by far, with the least amount of effort in the quickest to close or quickest convert. It's been a win across the board. I wish I could text everybody every day, all the time.”

Ryan Monahan

Ryan Monahan

Chief Marketing Officer


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