How Kopari sold out a new product in hours with Postscript

Kopari creates sustainably-sourced beauty and personal care products made with 100% pure organic coconut oil. They provide deodorants, hair products, body scrubs, and more.

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Using Postscript, Kopari’s new product sold out in a matter of hours.

Lanie Depasquale, Head of Retention at Kopari Beauty, knew she needed another way to connect with VIP customers. “We wanted to try it out and see if our customers would react, or how they would react,” she said.

As an early adopter of SMS, Lanie and her team were nervous about sending too many text messages and bothering their customers in the beginning. As a result, they came up with a plan to go into SMS slowly, being cognizant of the intimate space and channel while getting in touch with customers to let them know about promotions and product updates.

Now, after about four years in the SMS game, Kopari gives VIP access to its SMS subscribers...and it’s driving product sell-through in a big way.

When Kopari recently launched a new scent for their coconut melt product, their text subscribers responded quickly and positively. “It was the highest revenue-generating text message we've ever sent. We sold out in a few hours.”

Lanie Depasquale, Head of Retention

Kopari Beauty

"We had sent out our first few texts, and we were blown away by the revenue we were getting from it. SMS has proven to be such a valuable channel for us."


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Here are three things that led to Lanie’s success with SMS:

  1. Using SMS to skip or update subscription orders. Leveraging the ‘reply to buy’ and ‘reply to skip’ options, Kopari puts control in buyers’ hands. One of the most common reasons for canceling a subscription is having too much product, so having the option to skip leads to better customer retention in the long run.

  2. Treating SMS as its own separate channel. Using Postscript, Lanie schedules texts on days when emails aren’t going out, treating SMS as its own channel with unique parameters for subscribers.

  3. Connecting with different customer segments. Beyond marketing, Kopari uses SMS to reconnect with pre-lapse customers who have bought frequently but not recently. With Postscript’s segmentation, they’re able to connect with specific customer groups, ask why a customer hasn’t purchased, and get a quick SMS response.


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Lanie DePasquale, Head of Retention

Kopari Beauty

"Outside of being a great revenue driver, one of the most valuable aspects of SMS is having two-way conversation with customers in real-time. We ended up moving to Postscript because of its integration with ReCharge. That was a dream of mine: to reach out to our subscribers and let them know about their upcoming shipment through SMS."


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