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High expectations, higher results for Jones Road

Jones Road Beauty significantly enhanced its subscriber acquisition strategy by implementing Onsite Opt-in. This change not only accelerated subscriber growth but also laid the foundation for long-term customer engagement and satisfaction - a must for this customer-focused brand.



Increase in conversion for mobile sign ups


Revenue growth beyond initial forecasts


More SMS signups on desktop over double opt-in
Joanne Coffey

Joanne Coffey, Retention Marketing Manager

Jones Road

“We have gained more subscribers in the last two months using Onsite Opt-in than we have all year.”


How Jones Road gained more subscribers in two months than over an entire year with Onsite Opt-in

When you’re a customer-obsessed beauty brand like Jones Road, making sure every user journey on the website is fluid and intentional is of utmost importance. Personalization is a cornerstone of their marketing strategy and they sought a better way to acquire new subscribers, but also give them a better end-to-end journey from the moment they sign up. It’s exactly why implementing Onsite Opt-in was a no-brainer for Retention Marketing Manager Joanne Coffey.

A solution that just makes sense

Prior to turning on Onsite Opt-in, Jones Road was using the double opt-in method for acquiring subscribers. With double opt-in, a subscriber enters their phone number into the popup, receives a text asking them to confirm their subscription, moving a customer away from the brand’s website and into their messaging app to reply. Though this is a common practice in ecommerce, it forces brands to risk a large dropoff of subscribers who do not come back and convert.

After the first demo, Joanne was hooked. “My first impression was that this just makes sense,” says Joanne. Keeping subscribers on their website to continue shopping helps Jones Road achieve goals they have around both excellent customer experience and conversion and revenue targets.


Growing your list in 5 minutes

Joanne described the implementation process as remarkably easy, taking under five minutes to set up pop-ups for both desktop and mobile. “I think anybody could do it.” 

In two months of using Onsite Opt-in, Jones Road gained more subscribers than they had all year. 

Recognizing the massive spike they saw in new subscribers, Joanne emphasized the importance of being very strategic about how to talk to and message them, especially around the holiday season. Keeping that in mind, Jones Road also utilizes Postscript’s custom property collection feature during the sign-up process, asking customers about their skin type. This information becomes pivotal for creating personalized journeys in their subsequent SMS campaigns and automations.

Witnessing the subscriber surge

With the implementation of Onsite Opt-in into Jones Road's SMS marketing strategy, the brand witnessed transformative results. In the first two months alone, Jones Road gained more subscribers than they had throughout the entire year. The conversion rates on both desktop and mobile saw significant boosts, with desktop phone signups increasing by 47%, and mobile opt-ins experiencing an 82% surge.

While Joanne emphasized that customer experience is always the top priority, the results Jones Road saw after implementing Onsite Opt-in demonstrated a substantial positive impact on the bottom line. Jones Road not only exceeded its subscriber goals but also saw revenue growth that surpassed initial forecasts by 3x.


A list growth gamechanger

Jones Road's journey with Onsite Opt-in illustrates how innovation in SMS marketing can yield transformative results. The seamless integration of this feature, coupled with a customer-centric approach, has not only increased subscriber numbers but also contributed to a more engaged and educated customer base. As brands continue to explore new avenues in the digital landscape, Onsite Opt-in stands out as the list growth leader for those seeking to enhance their SMS marketing strategies.

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