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How Frost Buddy Created a Loyal Community Over SMS

For a Founder-led brand like Frost Buddy, Brock Mammoser relies heavily on everyone that is involved with his close-knit team. Finding an SMS provider that could fit into that supportive, cheerleader mentality was key when he was looking for an alternative to Attentive for his SMS strategy. When Brock moved to Postscript, not only did he find the missing link to his marketing team, but he was able to extend those feel-good community vibes to his entire subscriber base. We’ll drink to that!

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Moving to Postscript for a True Partnership

When Brock decided to leave Attentive for Postscript, he alerted his CSM, who he had a good relationship with, that he was going to end his contract. But by his next call, an entire team of employees who he’d never spoken to were on the phone convincing him to stay. At the time, there was no way for Brock to simply download his list within the app, and he did not like being unable to access his own list.

“They were pretty aggressive with me and it rubbed me the wrong way,” says Brock. “I am a firm believer that you should never burn bridges, since it was possible that I could have gone back to them at some point. They clearly did not care about that.”

Luckily, the migration process with Postscript was smooth. While Frost Buddy was working on getting their list from Attentive, Postscript was working to get automations and popups started for Frost Buddy when the list finally came through.

“At that time to think that I might not get that list was terrifying”, says Brock. “Over the course of a year, that could have been $3 million in revenue lost. That’s valuable and that is definitely my list and I should be able to take it wherever I go.”

Brock Mammoser

Brock Mammoser, Founder

Frost Buddy

“I like to work with people I feel I can trust and that have my back and I am still friends with the sales guy from Postscript. I could grab drinks with him. That's such a big deal to me.”


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Collaborative Ideas That Led to Huge List Growth Opportunities

One of the biggest selling points for Brock when deciding to move to Postscript, was being able to work with a strategist from Postscript Plus. 

Starting off with the initial call, Postscript Plus Strategist Bryan Dickey wanted to dive into the brand voice and came armed with ideas. “Once we got through the initial info, he was like, I'll go to town. I'll have flows built out within a week,” says Brock. “He sent them all to me and they were so much more advanced than I was doing.”

The entire process of onboarding was seamless and as things progressed, they decided to meet once every two weeks, to talk through upcoming product launches and campaign ideas. One idea was to launch a Buddy of the Week—a product drop exclusive to SMS subscribers only.

This has become the biggest revenue day every single week, unless Frost Buddy is running a sale. “We always see a massive spike on Sunday and since everyone wants to know what that new design is, the CTR is so high,” says Brock. “And even if they don’t purchase the Buddy of the Week, we see subscribers come to the site anyway and convert on another item.”

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SMS + Email = BFFL

As Frost Buddy began to grow in size, Brock relied heavily on Postscript Plus and an outside email marketing agency to create all his marketing communications. In order to really save time and become more aligned, Bryan and Brock’s email marketing point person Michelle began working together every week.

“I brought Michelle into our Postscript chat and now at the end of every month, we all meet for an hour,” says Brock. “They run through everything they’re thinking of, put together a schedule together and make tweaks.”

This type of teamwork was not something Brock expected to find at Postscript, but it has made all the difference when it comes to saving him time to focus on other things in the business.

“Bryan has easily saved me 6 hours of work each week at a minimum,” says Brock.

Using Giveaways for Rapid List Growth 

Frost Buddy acquires an average of 100 new subscribers every day and they do this by getting creative with how to get people to sign up.

One idea that has worked well has been the use of giveaways, available only for SMS subscribers. Brock promotes a giveaway everywhere—social channels to email—and likes to use scarcity as a way to get people interested in signing up.

In September 2022, the team launched an Ultimate Tailgate Giveaway with a one-of-a-kind cooler.

They created a landing page for folks to sign up using Postscript’s integration with ViralSweep and they gained around 1,500 new subscribers.

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Pushing SMS Across Social Channels

The community of Frost Buddy fans have grown significantly since the company was founded in 2020. When Brock first launched the brand, he posted regularly to TikTok, answering comments about what could fit into the Universal Cooler.

TikTok was an early acquisition channel for SMS as well, as Brock teased out new product launches sometimes for as long as six months on TikTok, urging viewers to sign up for SMS to be the first to know when it finally dropped.

Today their Facebook community is 18K strong (and counting) and they often do the work for him when it comes to pushing SMS. “Someone will post a photo of a BOTW and people will wonder where they can get one,” says Brock, “and the community will chime in with—you’ve got to be on the SMS list!”

Frost Buddy even set up an SMS Post Purchase Flow that offers 15% off their next purchase if they join the Facebook group. This easy automation averages about 1K new members every month.

Brock Mammoser

Brock Mammoser, Founder

Frost Buddy

“I know for a fact that the Postscript team would love to see Frost Buddy at 100 million and know that they were a big part of getting us there too.”


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Why Relationships Matter As Much As Revenue

Using Postscript and the Postscript Plus team has been a game changer for Frost Buddy. One thing Brock will cite is that it was an incredible cultural fit.

The relationship Brock has with stakeholders at Postscript means a lot to him, especially when they can easily react to the changing needs of the business. Any time Brock has an idea, a question about if something can be done, he’s able to hear from his CSM and Strategist quickly. “Stuff like that is a big deal to me. Honestly even more than the software itself,” he says.

Brock was a college athlete and a team-first mentality continues to be an important part of his business. “I want team members that I know are going to go to battle with us,” he says. “It's not easy and it's tough and there are tough times, but the people that go through that with you and are going to be creative—it’s priceless.”

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Solution and results

Frost Buddy uses SMS as an exclusive channel for limited-edition products, giveaways and the first ones to know about new arrivals. They use a community-driven spirit across all their owned marketing channels—but especially on SMS in part due to their incredible partnership with Postscript Plus.  (*Note: All results are accurate as of April 12, 2023.)


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Brock Mammoser

Brock Mammoser, Founder

Frost Buddy

“Postscript Plus was a huge reason for moving to Postscript. I was doing less work and saving money. It's a no brainer. Even if I was paying more, it would be worth it to take it off my plate and do it effectively.”


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