Curie gets 46% conversion rate with Postscript

Curie is a fast-growing personal care brand with products available online and in more than 300 stores nation-wide, including retailers like Anthropologie and Nordstrom.

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Curie Candles

Curie creates a seamless customer experience with Postscript

Sarah Moret, Founder and CEO of Curie, wanted to find a way to turn foot traffic into Curie customers. She partnered with gyms and fitness studios to share Curie spray deodorant as a free amenity in locker rooms.

Soon, gyms and fitness studios became one of Curie’s main marketing channels, but they didn’t have a seamless way to capture free trial users and convert them into subscribers (or even paying customers.) They needed a faster way to convert these would-be buyers on-the-spot.

After meeting Alex Beller (Postscript President and Co-Founder) at an event, Sarah knew the next step for Curie was to try SMS.

“I was looking for a way to make it easy and frictionless for those customers to convert to Curie customers,” Sarah said. “That was when I was introduced to Postscript. We put our Postscript text-to-buy CTA on signage in fitness studios, which proved to be extremely successful in converting those people to 
Curie customers.”

Solution and results

“We are always looking for new ways to engage with customers, and SMS feels intimate and true to our brand,” Sarah said.

Curie has worked with Postscript since 2019 and continues to treat their SMS subscriber list with care. Sarah recommends being intentional and careful with SMS messaging to avoid overwhelming customers or leading them 
to unsubscribe.

“We try to use SMS sparingly,” said Sarah, “As a result, our unsubscribe rate has stayed low.”

Last year, Curie texted their entire SMS list to notify them about their one sale of the year ("Curie Day"). In one single campaign, they saw a remarkable 8% click-through rate and 46% conversion rate.

“I can't think of another channel that has got us even close to a 45% conversion rate,” Sarah said, “Our customers know that if we are texting them, it's important.”


Clickthrough rate on Curie Day SMS Campaign


Conversion rate on Curie Day SMS Campaign
Sarah Moret

Sarah Moret, Founder and CEO


“I didn't consider any other providers. Alex made such a compelling case for Postscript that I knew I would be in good hands. I really liked that there was a direct integration with Shopify and that it was easy to set up on my own.”


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