How Avara went from 0 SMS experience to +$100k in revenue in 30 days

Avara was founded by Emily Wickard; a corporate employee turned ecommerce entrepreneur. Emily and her growing team curate a line of women’s clothing that is high-quality, on-trend, and affordable. They recently opened their first brick-and-mortar shop in Dallas, TX.

How Avara went from 0 SMS experience to +$100k in revenue in 30 days
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Choosing the best SMS platform for their brand

Just over a year ago, Emily Wickard ran Avara out of her home, selling primarily on Facebook. Since then, the popularity of Avara has skyrocketed - both online and at the brick-and-mortar shop in Dallas. The Avara team has grown to twenty-five employees, and they recently moved to a 7000 square foot warehouse.

Taylor Sparks and Anna Huff, the marketing team behind Avara, have helped the company grow primarily through email, social media, and influencer marketing. But SMS marketing has been on their radar since the beginning of 2021. “We are always exploring new ways to communicate with our customers, so we knew we had to give SMS a try,” says Anna. “SMS is just much more personal than any other channel, and we have been ecstatic with how our customers have responded.”

Naturally, they started by evaluating their options for an SMS platform. “We did a lot of research online, and Postscript came up as the highest reviewed and rated. When we got in touch with the sales team, the whole process was very seamless, and it felt like Postscript had our best interest in mind.”

For Taylor and Anna, the most important criteria they looked for was: flexible pricing plans, deep segmentation, and being able to run the type of automations they wanted. Postscript checked the box on all three.

Being new to SMS, both Taylor and Anna appreciated the ongoing support during and after their trial. “Postscript did an awesome job of walking us through the process from start to finish to make sure we would be getting the most out of the platform. We went from 0 SMS experience to feeling well-versed in the short course of the trial,” said Taylor Sparks, Marketing Manager.

Anna Huff

Marketing Associate


“That was a huge part of what we were looking for and Postscript offers all of the segmentation abilities that we want.”

Solution and results

Avara uses SMS to connect with its customers in a completely new and very personal way. Here are two strategies that have led to Avara’s success with Postscript:

  • List growth using Postscript pop-ups: “We saw the most growth on our desktop pop-up built on Postscript,” Anna said. It is one of the only places where they offer discount codes, making the incentive to subscribe more appealing.

  • Experimenting with time of sending: Running your own experiments and A/B tests is the best way to figure out what SMS strategies work best for your customer base. For Avara, one of those experiments was around the time that they send campaigns. “We’ve definitely realized that we have a certain timeframe during the day when we’re most successful with our campaigns,” says Anna, “We’re targeting those sends for new arrivals, restocks, and collection launches — which we know our customers get the most excited about.”


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In 30 Days attributed revenue during their 30-day trial

Anna Huff

Marketing Associate


"The advice and mentorship we got from our Postscript team during our trial was authentic and not overselling. It was really specific to what would work best for our brand. The transition from trial to onboarding to working with a CSM was very smooth and informative. Now, after seeing the results that we had in just the first 30 days, we know we made the right decision in picking Postscript."

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