Webinar Recap: The Text Flex—How to Quickly Triple Your List
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Webinar Recap: The Text Flex—How to Quickly Triple Your List

Ren Reed
March 21, 2024
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We hosted a list growth workout with our friends at Caraway, Flux Footwear, and Groove Life to talk about their biggest acquisition strategies (turns out they're all pretty good at it)

If you were able to join us live, you know we covered list growth power tools like Onsite Opt-in, SMS Sales, and CashBack. But we also discussed underutilized methods of driving off-the-chart subscriber acquisition like giveaways, email-to-SMS campaigns, and more.

We want to watch your lists take off this year, so watch the full recap video below or check out the timestamps to skip to specific discussion points. We'll be sure to do another webinar soon to continue this acquisition momentum!

How Compliance drove Groove Life to Postscript for SMS [3:00]

As an early SMS adopter, Groove Life witnessed how quickly SMS regulations evolved and was very attuned to changing TCPA guidelines. Postscript's expertise and support around compliance made the decision to switch from Klaviyo and Attentive a clear one for Groove Life.

Why Caraway switched to Postscript from Attentive and Klaviyo for SMS [4:07]

When Caraway saw exciting returns on early SMS campaigns, they decided to invest into SMS as its own unique channel. This is when they decided to partner with Postscript. In any given month, Caraway has seen SMS beat out email—and now they lean into its unique impact as a customer touch point.

How Flux Footwear went from $0 to $1 Million with CashBack in less than a year [5:57] and [17:55]

As a pioneering user of Fondue CashBack, Flux Footwear saw remarkable growth implement CashBack into their SMS program. Now, Flux considers SMS to be a pillar of its marketing strategy.

How to Optimize Popups for List Growth [9:07]

Our three panelists discuss what has worked and what hasn't as they've experimented with popups as an opt-in tool. To use an image, or not to use an image? To collect email first or phone numbers? Sometimes, the biggest wins appear in unexpected places.

Using SMS Sales to get more customers over the finish line [14:42]

Nick explains how SMS Sales agents help convert a category of customers that may otherwise not have purchased.

The Power of CashBack [17:55]

Isaac of Flux Footwear details the immense impact that CashBack had on Flux's early growth and sustained success as an apparel brand.

Biggest Unexpected List Growth Wins [27:25]

Our panelists share their list growth biggest victories of 2023 and 2024

See Onsite Opt-in work on Groove Life's Popup [33:39]

We polled attendees of this webinar to see how many had heard about Onsite Opt-in. While many were already using it (and seeing great results), most didn't know what it was or how it worked. Here's a demo of Onsite Opt-in working on Groove Life's mobile site.

Differentiating SMS from Email and Leveraging Both for List Growth [35:14]

Many brands are starting to use email campaigns to drive SMS signups. SMS subscribers typically are worth far more to brands over their lifetime, and transitioning email contacts to SMS subscribers can be low hanging fruit.

Exclusivity, Giveaways, and Compliance [38:19]

Treating SMS as a VIP channel, and creating excitement with gifts or giveaways is a tried-and-true method for incentivizing signups and creating loyalty over text. Compliance is incredibly important to keep in mind when leveraging SMS for offers like these.

Collect Zero Party Data [45:35]

Adding additional fields to your popups can help maximize personalization for subscribers.

Q&A with Caraway, Flux Footwear, and Groove Life [48:52]

We had such an incredible engagement from our attendees that we didn't have enough time to answer everybody's excellent questions! So while you can hear our panelists answers above, we want to include some additional resources regarding CashBack, below! Please reach out if you want to learn more.

1. How CashBack works and why it's better than coupons

2. How CashBack is different than a loyalty program (and can work with it)

That's it—hit the showers, team. Thanks for joining our list growth workout. If you want to see how any of these strategies might fit into your acquisition plan this year, book some time with our team to talk it through!

Ren Reed
Ren Reed
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