Webinar Recap - Text Us Back: How Brands Use SMS to Converse and Convert
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Webinar Recap - Text Us Back: How Brands Use SMS to Converse and Convert

Laura Serino
April 27, 2023
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Imagine sending texts that actually get people talking. Texts so engaging that you have to give your customer support team a heads up before a campaign goes out, because you know so many responses are going to come in.

Well, those are exactly the kinds of texts we discussed with Super Coffee, Kizik, and Lomi during our latest merchant-led webinar.

It’s likely that in the not-so-distant future, our phone inboxes will end up with a promotions tab, similar to email. So, how are you going to make sure your brand doesn’t end up in a junk folder? By staying engaged!

Watch the full recap below or skip ahead to read a quick summary of what we learned.

How Each Brand Approaches the SMS Channel - 3:50

One overarching takeaway across all three brands was that an SMS subscriber is worth more than an email subscriber. In this section, Super Coffee discusses how they use SMS to drive to their Amazon store and engage their audience with content-heavy sends. Kizik explains a similar approach where they try to create a healthy mix of promotional sends and engaging content each week. 

Examples of Conversational Sends that Exceeded Brand Expectations - 8:10

This section covers an engaging Black Friday survey from Lomi, a free coffee text from Super Coffee, and Kizik’s fun with responses in their pet and football-focused campaigns.

Automated Responses vs. 1:1 Engagements - 14:45

Here, each brand weighs in on when they scale two-way engagement using Flow Builder and automated response branching, and when they rely on their Customer Support teams to craft personalized responses that drive surprise and delight over text.

How Engagement Drives Meaningful Segmentation - 27:09

In this section, Lomi, Kizik, and Super Coffee share their approaches to segmentation, explaining when they choose to send different messages to different groups—and why segments are key to making sure the right texts are sent at the right time.

Audience Q & A - 40:02

We received tons of insightful questions from our live audience, which our panelists answered on the fly.

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Laura Serino
Laura Serino
Senior Manager of Content and Community
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