Webinar Recap: Goodbye Guesswork - The SMS Tests Every Ecommerce Brand Should Run

Webinar Recap: Goodbye Guesswork - The SMS Tests Every Ecommerce Brand Should Run

June 7, 2024
Reading Time: 3 minutes

From acquisition and segmentation to winbacks and welcome offers, we've tapped Ruggable and BUBS Naturals, two brands who are tenacious in their pursuit of optimization.

In this webinar, we talk about the tests you should be running regularly, how to set up correct A/B testing and share thoughtful strategies that virtually any ecommerce brand can put to the test.

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The Philosophy of Testing [3:00]

For Danae and the team at Ruggable, testing is all about unlocking the full potential of SMS. "We use testing to get quick learnings about what resonates and engages with that channel for us," she explains. "What types of users should we be targeting and with what content, when. We test to learn quicker and be able to optimize so we can grow this channel further."

TJ echoes this sentiment, emphasizing the importance of constant testing. "Always testing. Should be a test in there always," he says. "The old adage if you can't measure, you can't lean on it."

Segmentation: The Key to Personalization [5:40]

Both brands take a granular approach to segmentation. Ruggable has over 300 segments in their Postscript account, with 15-20 regularly targeted. These segments aren't just based on broad categories like loyalty program membership, but on specific factors like the length of membership or purchase history.

"If it's their first ever promo early access, we want them to get a separate experience really celebrating and highlighting that," Danae explains. They also use "interest lists" to target niche audiences based on browsing and purchase history.

TJ shared how Bubs Naturals revamped their segmentation strategy after noticing high churn rates among first-time subscribers. By segmenting customers based on the number of purchases (1-3, 4 and beyond, 10 and beyond), they were able to build a solid retention strategy.

Testing in Action: Big Moments as Opportunities to Test [13:00]

Both brands have experimented with MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service) versus plain text SMS. For a recent product launch, Ruggable tested MMS against SMS. "We noticed these more niche collections were driving clicks and not converting," Danae shares. "The idea was to see if we could take a small hit on CTR but a large jump in conversion/revenue." The result? A win for MMS.

TJ's experience was similar: "We've split tested SMS/MMS for new product launches as well. For us, the visual performs well." However, he notes that during high-volume periods like Black Friday, they pivot to text-only to ensure timely delivery.

The Tests They Ran That Surprised Them [16:00]

Even the pros can be surprised by test results. Danae shared that when they tested their internally-timed Winback Flow against Postscript's predictive next purchase timing, "the PS variation won by quite a lot and is now the experience!"

TJ's surprise came from a Meta lift study. Despite expectations of a 1:1 return on ad spend, the campaign fell flat. This "Hail Mary pass" led them to explore new strategies.

High-Value Tests and Automations [20:00]

Both panelists agree that not enough operators are testing content resonance across different segments. "We will send the same content to various segments so we can see who responded well and then remove the less engaged people from future content that is similar," Danae explains.

For automations, both cite transactional reminders like Checkout Abandon and Cart Abandon as high-value. Danae's team is also exploring tests around product education, discounts, and timing for abandon flows.

Live Q+A [28:00]

Danae and TJ talk about what types of messages to send and when, how to start testing for smaller stores and more.

Coming Soon: Postscript AI [40:00]

Now that you know what tests you should be running and optimizing for, don't miss our next webinar—AI Has Entered The Chat. It's the biggest event in Postscript history, so save your seat here.