We Love Love! We Love Dads! We Love Cheese! 10 Texts to Send in June
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We Love Love! We Love Dads! We Love Cheese! 10 Texts to Send in June

Laura Serino
May 11, 2023
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June is a special month—and a lot of it focuses on celebrating love of all kinds, whether you’re shining a light on Pride, planning to surprise your Pops, or simply paying homage to fromage. 

There’s a lot to pack into this month—with some truly important holidays like Juneteenth, as well as some occasions that deserve to be recognized with a fun campaign, like National Selfie Day.

So, let’s get texting!

Pride Month

We stand by our LGBTQ+ merchants here at Postscript, and we encourage anyone who can, to shop from stores and donate to charities that support the power of Pride all month long.

June is officially known as Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Pride Month, and brands can send Pride-focused messages throughout the month.

Here’s a few we double-tapped last year.

Skincare brand Starface supports LGBTQ+ organizations year-round and used this as an opportunity to show subscribers where their purchase dollars have gone.

Starface - Pride SMS Campaign

Apparel brand Only Human is an LGBTQ+-owned brand that gave their audience the opportunity to opt into pride messaging all month long.

Only Human - Pride Month - SMS Campaign

We love love! And so does Homesick Candles, a brand that brought back their Love Candle in honor of Pride.

Homesick Candle - Pride Campaign

Jewelry brand Stay Golden celebrated with a free gift for Pride as well as a pledge to donate proceeds to an LGBTQ+ organization.

Stay Golden - Pride Campaign

National Cheese Day - June 4

If there is one thing that can unite the world, it’s cheese.

You don’t need to be a food brand to get in on the Lucerne lovin’ on National Cheese Day. Does your founder have a secret recipe for the perfect grilled cheese? Share the wealth. Perhaps you just want to survey your subscribers to settle the debate once and for all—is parmesan really the GOAT?

And, well, if you happen to sling pizza ovens like Gozney does, don’t be afraid to send a truly decadent MMS.

Gozney - National Cheese Day Campaign

Global Running Day - June 7

You don’t need to have a marathoner audience to celebrate hitting the pavement. We loved the approach that accessory brand Soulvation took, appealing to everyone from the newbie runner to the longtime athlete.

Global Running Day - SMS Campaign

National Best Friends Day - June 8

There are so many ways to celebrate this holiday. If you’re a friend-owned business, make sure you send out a note from the founders and share your personal story.

Want to celebrate friendship in all its forms? Consider using it as a gifting opportunity, like RYZE did.

RYZE SMS Campaign

This is also an opportunity to recognize your own subscriber base and use it as an excuse to plug your own community, similar to how Leaf Shave celebrated.

Leaf Shave - National Best Friends Day - Campaign

World Ocean Day - June 8

Surf some waves, clean up a beach, walk along the water—choose to celebrate World Ocean Day in a way that feels most meaningful to your brand.

Toothpaste brand Bite celebrated by sharing a bit of good news!

Bite - World Ocean Day - Campaign

Apparel brand Lotus and Luna shared their brand’s sustainable practices with their audience in honor of World Ocean Day.

Lotus and Luna - World Ocean Day Text

Father’s Day - June 18

Dads get a lot of jokes thrown their way on Father’s Day, whether it’s a lawn mower bit or a quip about a bad tie. But we know that for most of us, the Father figure in our lives really just wants to hear from us. Even if it’s just a text.

Here’s a few ideas for Father’s Day campaigns you could consider sending this year:

  • Spin up some funny Dad jokes in the office and have subscribers vote on the best.

  • Go the heartfelt route and ask for subscribers to share the best piece of advice they’ve ever gotten from Dad.

  • Share your own father story—whether it’s uplifting, tough, or about becoming one yourself.

  • Apparel brands? Ask for photos of the best dad style out there. Encourage subscribers to send a photo of their best-dressed dads. Huzzah for being able to receive incoming MMS!

Here’s some favorite campaigns from last year.

Father's Day SMS Campaign - Dr. Squatch
Father's Day SMS Campaign - Lovepop
Father's Day SMS Campaign - Make It Mine
Father's Day SMS Campaign - Woolx
Father's Day SMS Campaign - Native

Juneteenth - June 19

This annual holiday commemorates the end of slavery in the United States and celebrates African-American culture. It’s a great opportunity for Black-owned businesses to send a special founder message, or for any store to send an educational campaign honoring this important moment in history.

Last year we also saw a lot of Black-owned stores celebrate the occasion with a sale, like Chic Couture Online and Acne Expert Skincare did here.

Juneteenth SMS Campaign
Juneteenth SMS Campaign

First Day of Summer - June 21

Finally! Summer is here and your subscribers are probably feeling ready to skip straight into the sunshine. So, how to best celebrate such a momentous occasion? Here are a few ideas:

  • Send out a summer party playlist.

  • Have a summer kickoff sale.

  • Host a summer bucket list challenge with your subscribers.

  • Create your own solstice tradition and share with your list.

  • Ask for a “first day of summer” selfie because it also happens to be…

National Selfie Day - June 21

It’s hard to believe it’s been almost a decade since the Chainsmokers released the Selfie song—but it looks like this isn’t a trend that plans to go anywhere.

Send a campaign to existing customers requesting a selfie with your product.

Or, make it about self-love and ask subscribers to send a selfie and the thing they love most about their face.

You could also serve up a selfie challenge and reward the best responses.

Have fun with it—and don’t forget to turn into the light!

National Take Your Dog to Work Day - June 23

We’re a remote org—but if we did have an office, we’re sure it would be dog friendly. I mean, just look at these animal lovers.

A lot of brands celebrated this holiday last year with snaps from the office. Here’s a few we thought were doggone cute.

National Take Your Dog to Work Day - SMS Campaign
National Take Your Dog to Work Day - SMS Campaign
National Take Your Dog to Work Day - SMS Campaign

June is going to be a fun month. Want to get ahead on sending campaigns in July? Don’t miss out on our 2023 SMS Marketing Calendar for ideas every week of the year!

Laura Serino
Laura Serino
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