This One’s for the Ladies: 10 Texts to Send in August
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This One’s for the Ladies: 10 Texts to Send in August

Laura Serino
July 13, 2022
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Summer’s still in full swing, and even though most consumers are deep in vacation mode, they’re still on their phones non-stop. Stay in touch—and top of mind—with a bevy of campaign ideas to get you through the month.

We’re especially stoked to see so many opportunities to celebrate the women on your subscriber list—from National Girlfriends Day to Women’s Equality Day.

With that in mind, here’s 10 texts to queue up!

Back-to-School Shopping

July feels too soon to think about the classroom, but in August, everyone from Kindergarten students to college kids have to start gearing up—whether they want to or not.

There’s a million topics you can tackle via text that will get everyone in the studying state of mind.

Party supply brand Ellie & Piper put together a back-to-school product category to shop from, which is a smart way to curate items from your own store that might be relevant to student shoppers and their families (think everything from craft supplies to storage pouches).

Ellie & Piper SMS Campaign

Nothing gives parents everywhere collective anxiety like the thought of yet another year of preparing lunches. Take advantage of this if you’re in the food and beverage space and provide some after-school snack inspo or a back-to-school special like Schoolyard Snacks.

Schoolyard Snacks SMS Campaign

And then there’s the need for fresh fall threads—for students and parents alike. Consider a sale to sling some school-friendly gear like Fanjoy did with a sitewide discount.

Fanjoy SMS Campaign

Even if your brand doesn’t feel like a classic stop for back-to-school shoppers, take inspiration from Kopari and spin up a way for your products to get shoppers thinking about school life (in this case, post-pandemic).

Kopari SMS Campaign

National Girlfriend Day | August 1

Who do you text more than anyone else? Your friends. Which is why National Girlfriend Day is such a perfect holiday to recognize over SMS.

If you’ve been wanting to launch a conversational campaign, this is the perfect time to do it. Ask subscribers to shout out their favorite girlfriend and explain why their bestie is, well, the best. Share the top responses in a follow-up campaign for everyone who engages. Or, simply offer a coupon code for anyone who participates.

This is also a great opportunity to run a BOGO offer or related campaign, similar to what Sterling Forever did last year. 

Sterling Forever SMS Campaign

Chocolate Chip Cookie Day | August 4

It’s arguably the best dessert on planet Earth, and today is the day we all bow down to the classic CC cookie.

You don’t need to be in the food and beverage business to appreciate this holiday. Share your favorite recipe or ask subscribers to share theirs. Or, do an employee taste test of store bought cookies and share the results.

You could also use this as an opportunity to launch a new flavor like Obvi did last year.

Obvi Chocolate Chip Cookie SMS Campaign

Or, keep it simple and poll subscribers: dunk or no dunk before eating? Discuss!

National Sisters Day | August 7

You don’t need a biological relation to celebrate what this holiday is all about—women supporting and lifting up other women.

Similar to the ideas we’ve already touched on, you could incorporate a conversational element or sitewide sale for this campaign. Or you could have a little more fun with it.

Gamify the holiday with a campaign featuring a “name the most iconic sisters ever” text and see what subscribers come up with.

Or, create a keyword reply quiz that tells subscribers their personalities based on their favorite sisters.


Depending on the keyword a subscriber texts back, serve them up a cheeky response.

Here’s an example for option E: There’s nothing you love more than curling up by the fire with a good book in a white gauzy nightgown while your sisters braid your hair. You pine over the neighbor next door and pond skating is very triggering for you.

National Book Lovers Day | August 9

How many of your subscribers are bonafide bookworms? Now is your chance to find out. Send out a Keyword opt-in and launch your own book club. It’s an opportunity to connect with subscribers on a regular basis and see what everyone thinks of a monthly book.

If the club performs well, consider growing it and adding the opt-in message to your Welcome Series automation.

Not into the idea of launching a full book club? Share a list of your all-time favorite reads on your blog and link out to it instead.

National S’more Day | August 10

Ready for s’more campaign ideas?

Sorry. Had to.

Name a more iconic summer treat than the s’more. If you’ve got any products that can properly hail this all-time favorite, like Bang Cookies did, then you’re all set.

Bang Cookies S'Mores SMS Campaign

But if you simply want to send something in celebration of this delicious day, try sharing the history of the dessert’s creation or your own personal recipe—whether you keep it classic or you like yours with a smear of something extra. 

International Youth Day | August 12

If part of your brand’s mission is to drive impact or support worthy causes, consider getting involved with the United Nations International Youth Day, which selects a different area of focus every year. 

You can check out this year’s theme—and learn how to get involved—right here. 

World Photography Day | August 19

Calling all shutter bugs! Use this as an opportunity to collect some UGC from your subscribers.

Create a campaign that targets existing customers, and ask them to post their favorite photos of your products on your preferred social channel using a specific hashtag for the holiday. Host it as a photo contest and let them know there will be big rewards for anyone who participates.

For maximum impact, consider a strong incentive—like a $250 gift card or free shipping for the year. The juicier the prize, the better the results.

Here’s a great example of how QALO approached the opportunity to collect photos from their community.

QALO Photo SMS Campaign

Women’s Equality Day | August 26

Votes for women! Celebrate this historic day—especially if you are a woman-owned business. It’s an opportunity to tell your own story as a founder or to remind subscribers that a purchase from your brand supports a woman-owned venture.

Gummy brand JellyBee took a content-heavy approach with this informational text.

JellyBee Women's Equality Day SMS Campaign

Or, keep it simple with a sitewide sale in celebration of powerful women—may we all support them and be like them! Here’s an example from Buddha Power Store.

Buddha Power Store Women's Equality Day SMS Campaign

If you want to give back today, consider donating a portion of all sales to a cause or organization that supports women and aligns with your brand’s values and beliefs.

National Beach Day | August 30

Time to play hooky and hit the sand. Literally.

Encourage your subscribers to do the same with a quick text.

Now grab your towel and go.

August is a great time to keep those campaigns rolling, but it’s also a great time to grow your list. Now that BFCM is only four months away, be sure to download our free guide so you can get your brand prepared each month as we countdown to Cyber Week.

Laura Serino
Laura Serino
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