Spring Fling: 10 Texts to Send in April
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Spring Fling: 10 Texts to Send in April

Laura Serino

March 1, 2022

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  1. April Fools' Day

  2. National Beer Day

  3. National Pet Day

  4. Tax Day

Well, we made it. Shorts season is right around the corner, and spring fever is at an all-time high. There’s a lot to celebrate in April, from a slew of holidays to tax refunds.

We’re calling it like we see it, April—and this month, we’re rolling out the red carpet for some epic texts.

Here’s your April game plan.

April Fools’ Day

It’s almost impossible to pull one over on your subscribers when April Fools’ rolls around, but trust us—it can be well worth the effort. When we talk about conversational commerce, playful moments like this are a great way to encourage subscriber engagement.

We pulled examples from some of our favorite jokesters from last year. Bonus: These pranks generated major payoffs for their brands. 

Doe Lashes took the opportunity to roll out their latest hair accessory.

Doe Lashes April Fools

Their campaign drove subscribers to a blog post unveiling their latest line, further capitalizing on their stroke of comedic genius.

If you’ve ever used essential oils before (a.k.a a drop is all you ever need), you’d be hard-pressed not to LOL over this text from Vitality Extracts

Vital Extracts

Hush Blankets also got in on the goods by launching a new product that was almost believable, especially when paired with great creatives on their social channels. 

Hush Blankets April Fools SMS

They even set up a fake product page to bring subscribers to their website. Now that’s commitment.

National Beer Day

Folks around the country will find a reason to clink some mugs, steins, or pints this April 7. Even if you aren’t in the food and bev space, a shared story over a cold one is always a good reason to send a campaign.

Here’s a few ideas of texts we’d like to see in our inbox in celebration of beers.

Happy National Beer Day! We’re cutting out of the office early to have a staff drink at the neighborhood pub. Can you guess what we’ll be tapping? Correct responses will be good for a $10 gift card.

Let’s crack a cold one. Check out our latest bundle of snacks that pair perfectly with your favorite brew in honor of National Beer Day.

Or, simply set up a keyword-generated campaign with responses set up in advance so you don’t have to worry about quickly replying in real time.

Happy National Beer Day! Let us know your favorite beer and we’ll tell you what that means about your personality. Respond with your keyword of choice: PILSNER, IPA, PALE ALE, or STOUT.

And even if you don’t send out a campaign for this one, crack a cold one for us, eh?

National Pet Day

Few things create a stronger bond than a shared love for furry family members. Not only is this a holiday observed by pet brands everywhere, but it’s also one that can unite even the most unengaged subscribers.

If you’re in the pet space, it’s the perfect opportunity to run a promotion or special offer like Crown & Paw.

Crown + Paw

But no matter your industry, you can bet your subscribers love their pets. Consider sending an MMS with a pic of your own pet, donating a portion of the day’s sales to a local pet shelter, or asking customers to send in a selfie with their fur baby.

Tax Day

Last year we saw brands take advantage of Tax Day—which falls on April 18—by offering subscribers a sale for spending those refund dollars.

Here’s a few for inspo.

BeautyFix stands in solidarity against overpaying Uncle Sam.

Beauty Fix Tax Day

The Last Coat used a clever keyword campaign to generate a coupon code for the first subscribers to claim it. 

Last Coat Tax Day SMS

Earth Day

It doesn’t always make sense to sell products on Earth Day. In fact, unless you’re a sustainable brand, we don’t recommend it.

But April 22 can be a great opportunity to educate your consumers about your brand or alert subscribers to your sustainable practices or the sustainable organizations you support.

What we don’t recommend is a sitewide sale urging customers to shop more. Here’s a few planet-friendly approaches you could take.

Native Deodorant promoted their greener offerings with information on why it's crucial to go plastic-free.

Native Earth Day SMS

Cloth diaper brand Nicki’s Diapers made Earth Day a double points day for members of their loyalty program. Nothing better than giving more green when you’re incentivizing subscribers to go green. 

Nicki's Diapers Earth Day SMS

HydroJug offered a free reusable straw with every order on Earth Day for another spin on reducing plastic waste. 

HydroJug Earth Day SMS

Get to Know Your Customers Day

Finally—the perfect excuse to spark some friendly banter with your subscribers. This holiday actually occurs four times a year, so consider making it a quarterly check-in with your subscribers from here on out! 

In honor of this customer-centric holiday (which falls on April 21), you can both engage and segment your list based on their interests, location, age, skin concern—you name it.

We’d recommend looking through your existing segments to see if there’s something missing. For example, if you have a re-engagement segment that doesn’t seem to be converting well, consider sending a campaign to that group and asking them why they haven’t purchased from you lately.

Maybe you’re about to roll out a new product line and you’d love some feedback. Take the opportunity to have customers vote for colors, patterns, scents, flavors, etc.

Or, simply check in with a sweet founder message thanking them for their support and asking them to text back if they have any feedback.

Opt Out for Mother’s Day 

Although promoting the fact that showering one’s Mother should be a standard leading up to May 8 this year, Mother’s Day can be a painful holiday for some—especially for those reeling from a loss.

This is a great opportunity to segment your customers and opt them out of messaging that might not be relevant to them.

If promoting Mother’s Day gifting in the coming weeks is part of the plan, alerts subscribers that they can opt out of those messages with a keyword reply. Filter all of those subscribers out of any campaigns.

This is a super impactful practice anytime a key gifting holiday is coming up—the holiday season, Father’s Day, etc.

Here’s how to create a pause-related keyword within the Postscript dashboard. (And if you’re not on Postscript, you can install a free trial and check out the dashboard right here.)

Spring Holidays

The birds are chirping, the flowers are blooming, and if you’re in the Northeast, the last snowstorm is brewing.

There are plenty of religious holidays throughout the month of April, and if it feels right to your brand, consider a sale, recipe share, or simple holiday greeting. Here are some of the key celebrations coming up.

Ramadan - April 2 through May 2

The fast of Ramadan lasts the entire month, kicking off April 2. This is an important time for Muslims as they refocus the coming month on worship and contemplation.

Passover - April 15 through April 23

The first Seder of this Jewish celebration begins the evening of April 15. Passover commemorates the Israelites’ Exodus from Egypt and their road to freedom.

Easter - April 17

Easter marks the end of an important holy month for Christians as they celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Families also celebrate the Easter Bunny, egg hunts, and those delicious chocolate rabbits. 

April has a little something for every subscriber on your list. And don’t forget that creative sends help keep Subscriber LTV high

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Laura Serino

Laura Serino

Senior Content Marketing Manager

Laura is the Senior Content Marketing Manager at Postscript. She has spent the past decade working in ecommerce. When she isn't writing about her favorite topic (marketing) or listening to podcasts about her other favorite topic (ecommerce), she's hanging out with her two sons on an island off the coast of Maine.